Giants Win The World Series… Again!

As I stood in the front yard listening to cheers and fireworks going off, there was agreement between my neighbor… who is about my own age… and I that there was a time where we thought we would never see the Giants win the World Series.  For long time fans of the team, there have been difficult years.

And now I am writing a second post about that very thing coming to pass.

The conversation was curtailed by him setting off a strip of 100 firecrackers, which hurt my ears and sent the cats diving under the bed.

The win was not as sweet as it was last time, but it was still good.  Very good.

Now, about the Cubs

4 thoughts on “Giants Win The World Series… Again!

  1. DM Osbon

    As a Liverpool FC fan since the early ’80s, I can appreciate what the win means to you. LFC are without a EPL trophy after dominating the old First Division for years. I don’t expect that will change anytime soon either.

    Enjoy the moment!


  2. Bristal

    Awesome win. Not the most compelling series for baseball fans, but after the torture of the NLDS and NLCS it was a relief and a great time for Giants fans.


  3. Hull Nightstar

    Until 2007, the Geelong Football Club hadn’t won a grand final since 1963. We had lost a dozen in my lifetime with nothing to show for it. The 2007 grandfinal win was surreal… you just don’t know what to think when your team finally pulls it off… and since then we have won two more… good times, good times.


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