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October in Review

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There comes a time when every man feels the urge to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.

H.L. Mencken

Despite not really playing much, it ended up being something of a World of Warcraft month here.

I am sure the people in Anaheim are not interested in my advice, but look at this chart.

That is a sudden rise in nerd interest in retro WoW, culminating in a record number of page views for a single day here at TAGN.  That interest is reflected in the “most viewed posts” list for the month down below.

To me, that says there is some money to be mined in WoW nostalgia.  Yeah, I know, small sample size and all that makes for statistical irrelevance.  But it still feels like there is some interest out there.

As for how much money, I couldn’t even begin to guess.  Probably not enough to even catch Blizzard’s eye while WoW is still in fat city with millions of subscribers dining on fine panda flesh.

But maybe some day it will seem like enough.

Until then though, I guess the black flag is the only choice for the nostalgic.


On Year Ago

We all said farewell to Steve Jobs.

Tobold was predicting that CCP would go bankrupt in 2012.  Still two months left in the year, but it seems unlikely to come to pass at this point.

I summed up what I liked and disliked about Need for Speed: World.

I got Civilization II running on Windows 7 64-bit.

I started another contest.

And I recalled the start of the alien invasion!

Gaff and I went back to TorilMUD to mess around with the Tako Demon.  I have to remember some MUD command syntax to get his corpse afterwards.

Then there was BlizzCon.  The instance group was already bemused with Cataclysm, and the mention of Pandas did not revive our spirits.  Pet Battles seemed interesting at the time.  In coming to grips with the Pandaria announcements, I assumed that I would end up buying the expansion.  Another bad prediction from last year.

And then there were other WoW related things, like the announcement of the Guardian Cub, which some people predicted would be like PLEX in EVE Online.  How did that work out?

On Fippy Darkpaw, after much complaining, SOE seemed to suddenly wake up and start doing things.  Problems were, you know, solved!  It was becoming a kinder, gentler server.  Sort of.

And then there was Rift.  We started scouting it as a potential home for in instance group after the disaster in EverQuest II.  The scouting went well enough that we all ended up in Telara.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago I finally finished my training and was actually flying a Hulk!  Being mining focused, I went out and calculated which asteroids were the most profitable to mine.  Veldspar rated surprisingly high.

I also figured out that with 120 billion ISK and a year of training, I could fly a Titan, but I couldn’t fire the main weapon system.

Blizzard made its first big cut in the amount of experience needed to get to level 60 in WoW.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

There was the Station Access Savings Calculator.

EA announced it was buying BioWare.  It seemed like MMOs might be in EA’s future again, as BioWare was already known to be at work on one.  Meanwhile, I was trying to work up a set of criteria on evaluating whether an MMO would be a success or not.

I was going on about THE REAL PROBLEM with voice chat in video games.

Mario Kart Double Dash was our Wii game of the moment.

I found one of the rare Golden C-3P0 mini figures in a LEGO package.

The instance group finished up Zul’Farrk and started in on Mauradon.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising was put on indefinite hold, which lead to a headline contest.

And, as usual, with the coming of Fall, the rains, and a new expansion I again became nostalgic for EverQuest.

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Spam Comment of the Month

Other Studies Indicate That Young Males Of Asian Descent Are Also Likely To Participate In Online Gambling!
[And that was just the name field]

Search Terms of the Month

when you get to a certain number of files it just falls apart
[I haven’t really been covering Windows 8]

games of thrones winter is coming meme snow shovel
[That is a new one on me]

eve drake meme
[This one appears to actually be a thing]

how realistic is eve online space?
[Lord of the Flies realistic!]

tortanic look out iceberg
[Too late, it is already sinking into F2P]

EVE Online

It was a quiet month for me in EVE, for the most part, at least until the very end.  I went on a few quiet strategic ops for the CFC.  Then things wrapped up with a bang with us jumping into an enemy fleet in G5ED-Y and the IRC CSAA battle spicing things up.  Mostly though, things seemed to be going on in other time zones.

Other than that, I am trying to focus on training up my skills to fly the Alpha Fleet doctrine Rokh battleship.  The final piece I need is tech II large hybrid turrets, but to get there I need to get small then medium trained up first, all of which is a long trail of training and I am easily distracted.  Which is how I ended up with torpedoes V because… Phoenix maybe?


The instance group is approaching the end of the original Rift content.  We are closing in on level 50 and there are only a few dungeons left to explore.  Of course, Storm Legion is coming, and will show up before we are finished.  But it is already having an impact on the group, something I will go into with tomorrow’s post.

World of Tanks

I have been having a good time diving into WoT again.  This month has seen my most concentrated play since the game went live.  I still cannot spend a whole evening playing the game.  I am still only good for a few matches at a sitting.  But I have been launching the game more regularly.  I am not sure if I will even get to the higher tiers without buying a tank for gold, but I am farther along than I have ever been.

World of Warcraft

I have been playing a lot of WoW for somebody who isn’t actually playing WoW officially.  The whole Emerald Dream nostalgia tour.  It has been quite the voyage of re-discovery.  I am not sure how far I will go on the server.  But for now it remains fun in a refreshing way.

Coming Up

What isn’t coming up in November?  On the MMO front we have:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars
  • EverQuest – Rain of Fear
  • EverQuest – Chains of Eternity
  • PlanetSide 2
  • Rift – Storm Legion
  • Star Wars the Old Republic – Free to Play version

That is too much stuff, and I feel at least a little tug from each of those items.  Yes, Darkfall and SWTOR are unlikely candidates, and I am already all-in on Rift and their Storm Legion expansion.  Meanwhile, the smattering of SOE offerings has my attention as always.

Of course, not all is well in the land of MMOs.

November will see the demise of City of Heroes, as NCsoft shutters another MMO.  An eleventh hour reprieve seems very unlikely as NCsoft appears to have decided to shut down the game and then put up some window dressing to make it appear that they pursued other alternatives.

And the Project: Gorgon Kickstarter, which I wrote about earlier in the month, looks like it won’t meet its mark.  Still, this won’t kill the project since it was not an attempt to “make a MMORPG for $55k,” but just a way to fund specific aspects of the work.  Project: Gorgon will go on.  There is a lot more than $55K in labor invested in the game already.

If nothing else, November will be a month of milestones.

The War Against Super Capitals at Q-VTWJ

That was how the fight was billed from the CFC side of things.

We were going to kill a super capital, rumored to be an Erebus, in its CSAA (capital ship assembly array) before it was born.  That this particular CSAA belonged to Intrepid Crossing (IRC), with whom we are neither at war nor at peace I gather, seemed irrelevant.  It was within our range and we were going to try and blow it up.  We have been down this path before.

A CSAA in its natural habitat

Razor put the POS into reinforce and we were coming back to take it out and the CSAA with it.

This fight was pretty well advertised.    The CFC had been put on alert and told to expect a fight, while intel reported that IRC had issued their highest level call to arms and was going to bring in as many allies as they could muster.

The only people who didn’t seem to get notified was CCP, since they clearly did not reinforce the node where we were fighting.  Or maybe they did.  It is hard to tell, but things got bad.

So it was last night.  The call went out that the fleets were forming.  DBRB was leading the Alpha Fleet, which filled up very quickly.  Zagdul was leading an armor tanked fleet, so we had Abaddons flying with us.  And finally there was Lazarus Telraven leading the third fleet, the Drake Fleet.

For reasons unknown, the Drake Fleet ended up in operations channel 2 because Zagdul took channel 3.  This seemed to confuse Laz and he kept telling people we were in channel 3 for long past the time it should have taken him to get his brain around it.  For Logical Laz, the third fleet should be in channel 3 dammit!

I joined Laz in a Drake, determined to shoot something fun before the month ended.

More after the cut.

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