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Four for Abyssal Precipice!

We seem to have a pattern here with the Saturday night instance group, with only four of us showing up at any given time.  Real life will get in the way.  This time it was Jolly who had to take the night off.  That left us with these four:

  • Zahihawass level 44 cleric
  • Gizalia level 46 mage
  • Earlthecat level 50 warrior
  • Hillmar level 50 cleric

Earl was in the Sandy destruction zone and had been without power from the utility company for a full week by the time Saturday rolled around.  Being in a somewhat rural location that loses power regularly, and dependent on electricity to pump water water, he was well supplied with a generator, propane, and propane accessories, though there was some concern about the propane supplier coming by to refill his tank after a week’s worth of power generation.

He also still had an internet connection and a pile of free time on his hands, so he dove into Rift and got two of his characters up to level 50.  I followed suit on Friday afternoon, though I only had to get about a level and a half to hit the cap, while Earl had six levels to go.

The current Storm Legion pre-launch event going on in Meridian was a big help in that regard.  It is essentially an instant adventure series running right there in town, so no travel is required.  Sort of instant instant adventure.  The experience is generous and when the “Defend Meridian” event hits, the planarite shows up in health amounts.  I think I exceeded 1K planarite every time that came up, even though most times that quest failed.

Anyway, Earl and I got there because the last three instances were listed in the LFG tool as being for levels 48-50.  We weren’t going to put them off if we were not all at that level, but felt it was probably a good idea to get somebody in that range.

As for which instance we would go after… that choice got made by simply going in alphabetically order.  So it was to be Abyssal Precipice first, then Caduceus Rise, and then Charmer’s Caldera.

As it was, we were not all in the level 48-50 range, so the LFG tool wasn’t going to transport us there.  To get ready, I ran out to Iron Pine Peak, where AP is located, and scouted the path to the entrance.

Look for the emerald marker

Having found that, once we all got online that evening, I ran out and entered the instance which, in turn, pulled everybody else to me.

More after the cut.  Spoilers, pictures, the usual.

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