Complex Gaming Declares EVE Online Best PC Game of All Time

Complex Gaming has a list, and we all love lists!  Well, I love lists.

This list is a list of their Top 50 Best PC Games of All Time.

And their top pick on the list is EVE Online.

Stuff blows up in space!

I cannot imagine that will cause any controversy.

Actually, the whole list is pretty controversial to me and seems pretty heavily weighted towards more recent games.  I would argue about whether Civilization V should be on the list relative to past versions. (I prefer Civ II still, and I know there are Civ IV partisans out there.)  And should both Torchlight AND Torchlight II make the list?  And both StarCraft AND StarCraft II?  Really?

On the MMORPG front, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars the Old Republic and, of course, EVE Online make the cut.  No EverQuest and no Guild Wars 2 though.

And LEGO Star Wars III but not LEGO Star Wars – The Original Trilogy?  Heresy!

Ah well, such lists are pretty much designed to stir up controversy.  How do you pick 10, 20, or even 50 “bests” out of such a huge body of work without leaving something out?

Maybe I should work on my own list.

14 thoughts on “Complex Gaming Declares EVE Online Best PC Game of All Time

  1. Jenks

    Quake always belongs in the top 10, depending on how much you value modern online gaming. Its exclusion from the top 50 is almost as funny as SWTOR’s inclusion. This is a pretty bad list from a website I’ve never heard of.


  2. Red Neckromonger

    I pretty much play Eve exclusively as I don’t have the extra money or attention span to play more than one MMO at a time. I can say, as a Capsuleer, that I agree completely with Eve being #1, and these are my reasons: you have the ability to play without paying real money (it takes a while to get to that point, but you can); there are many different avenues to go when one career choice gets old; CCP is awesome in the sense that they give us two FREE expansions per year, and they created the CSM (be it as quirky as it is, it’s still something to allow the unwashed masses’ voice to be heard). Also, the Eve community in general are very mature, which is a trait left to be desired in other MMO’s.


  3. Fluffy Hyena

    I didn’t know there was a site dedicated to complex gaming until now. I guess they can count this list as a success then =)


  4. MMORaid

    SC2 is way to high,LFD2 shouldn’t be there, Counter-strike should be in the top 10 and where the hell is X-Wing or any space sim? Kudos to Eve Online, they deserve it.


  5. whorhay

    Yeah the inclusion of SWTOR and to a lesser extent Guild Wars for the MMO category is pretty bad. I was going to read the list but apparently it’s not really a list, just an ugly series of 50 web pages each for a different game. Crap list and a crap site I guess.


  6. mbp

    Oddly I think it is a pretty good list. I may not agree with the precise order but every game on the list that I have played (most of them) deserves to be experienced. I personally would have left out some of the sequels and there are several classics that the list overlooks but all in all not a bad list for a newcomer who want to get a flavour of the best that PC gaming can offer. . .


  7. Jokus Balim

    Elite? Pirates? Populous? FFS PONG!!! Any other great milestones which were the greatest games of their times and defined whole genres?


  8. asmiroth

    I love the pic of TOR that looks like it was taken on an Amiga. KOTOR looks better.

    Nice to see Minecraft up there though. Something like 11 million in sales for computer legos. Been a while where I said “just one more try” and turned around to see the sun rise.


  9. HarbingerZero

    @asmiroth – That pic of TOR wasn’t taken on an Amiga…the graphics are just that crappy. I would prove it to you, but since the screencap feature was bugged for the first seven months (maybe more, that’s just when I quit), I don’t really have any screenshots to speak of.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @HZ – At first glance I thought they had put SWG on the list with that screen shot. I think I have better screen shots than that one from beta, though I was using Fraps where you have some control over quality.


  11. HarbingerZero

    All I can tell you is that that’s not a far cry from what my screen looked like when I was playing. (-: Granted, I was not using top end gear, but the fact that the game was hard to look at (while still getting 20 fps tops) was a factor in my dislike.


  12. Shintar

    I don’t get how they could put SWTOR on that list and yet couldn’t even manage to use a screenshot that’s actually from the game. (Because the shot they used isn’t from TOR. Like the topmost commenter on the article says, it’s from KOTOR.)


  13. alleji

    That list is such garbage… ok, the top 10 is reasonable with a couple games that were just “author’s favourites”, but the other 8 I can agree with. (Has anyone heard of “Braid” or “The Operative”?)

    But the lower portion of the list is just… lol? The only game out of Civ franchise that made it was #5, wtf is Tortanic doing on there, where are things like X-Com (the original, although the new one is pretty good too), Heroes of Might and Magic, Quake (include 3, but not 1? Yeah, 3 also deserves it IMO, but 1 was way more groundbreaking for its time), Wing Commander… I could go on.

    Feels like someone with way too little gaming knowledge/experience made a top 10 or 20 list and then added random stuff he heard was good to make it bigger.


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