Friday Night Movie Ops

After the bitter trench warfare of Tribute, we essentially just won Vale by announcing that we’d be taking it in a hellish sovgrind, without actually going through the ‘hellish sovgrind’ part.

-CFC Wretched Peace Update

There was an op called for Friday evening, late in the US time zone.  It was for Alpha Fleet, which meant I could get out my Maelstrom which, at this point, I was kind of hoping would get blown up.  I bought it last December, it  has been insured three times, and that third term is coming close to expiration.  Losing it on a reimbursed operation so I could turn around and buy a Rokh seemed like a reasonable plan.

But it was not to be.

The war is winding down.  Ev0ke is leaving town, and has sold its moons to GSF for 250 billion ISK, depriving Northern Coalition of an ally and leading to a mid-war reset.  The map shows the CFC having swallowed all of Tribute (save one system) and most of The Vale of the Silent at this point.

Tribute and Area – October 14

Tribute and Area – November 11

While the fleet was called and assembled to cover the capital ship fleet should any opposition appear, the likelihood of opposition appeared to be slight.

So Schadenfreud, who lead my first op into The Vale of the Silent, formed us up in UMI-KK, lead us out to the Vale, and parked us in a POS bubble while we waited for events to unfold.  And since they seemed unlikely to unfold, a link was put up in fleet for a room on SynchTube (which I didn’t even know was a thing before this fleet) so we could all watch videos together while we waited.

They also serve, who only sit and watch movies

We watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome and the first half hour of Hook (no idea how a movie about an adult and his relationship with a fantasy world got included) before the word came down that the cap fleet had done whatever it was they had to do and that we were free to go.

And so the war winds down.  My Maelstrom survived another fleet op.

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  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @sleepysam – I only caught a bit of B&C because we were still traveling when that started and I only run a single monitor and like to play full screen. I caught a bit when we finally landed in a POS where we knew the password, and it looked good. But, honestly, I’d rather wait until they put it all together as a single movie event on Syfy that try to watch bits on YouTube.


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