Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

A Guild Wars 2 First Impression

Guild Wars 2 had a free trial this past weekend.  My friend Gaff, who has been playing it, sent me a code for the trial.  Apparently you had to get a code from a current player to be a worthwhile prospect, which isn’t a bad theory.  If you know somebody who is already playing, you are probably more likely to want to keep playing after the trial is up.

So I spent Wednesday night patching while I slept and then patched some more after that because ANet had an event planned and since I was being handed a full version of the game for the weekend, it was theoretically possible I might get to it.

I did not.

I will point out that if you look at my Raptr profile, it will tell you I have spent 15 hours playing Guild Wars 2.

I did not spend 15 hours playing Guild Wars 2.

More about that after the cut, as this gets long and has pictures and the usual.

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A SWTOR F2P First Impression

One of my friends who played Star Wars: The Old Republic… until he ran out of content and unsubscribed… news flash, I know… decided to to check it out now that it has gone free to play.  He left me a few messages on IM about the attempt.

so i logged into swtor.  it is ridiculous

you have to buy hotbars.  you get one.  you get 2 character slots, and i cannot find anywhere to purchase additional ones

past that i said the hell with this and logged out.  the other highlight–you have to buy the ability to toggle whether your head gear displays or not

I thought they had canned the single hotbar thing?  Didn’t that cause a huge blow up on the forums?

And it sounds like they haven’t gotten the store quite worked out yet.

So much for first impressions.