Woke Up this Morning, Got Yourself a Gun

Seeing that it just launched, I decided to patch PlanetSide 2 last night.  Like most MMOs these days, you download the launcher and that in turn downloads the game for you.  I let that run over night.

This morning I got up and found everything ready to go.

Unable to resist, I clicked “PLAY” and entered the game.  I quickly chose a server, chose a faction (Terran Republic), did my customization (picked a face), chose a fit (light assault), then got quickly into the game to see what I could see.

Mental image of my expectations…

And I ended up dead on the ground within 10 seconds because the spawn point was camped.

Since that was pretty much my first experience in the original PlanetSide, I would have to say “working as designed.”

Anyway, I had to get to work, so I scrawled this out and went on my way.

I will have to give it another try over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Plenty of time to play then, and plenty of reasons not to leave the house as well.

Provided I can get back on.

10 thoughts on “Woke Up this Morning, Got Yourself a Gun

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    In hindsight, given my theme so far this week, this post should have been titled, “A PlanetSide 2 First Impression.”

    Then again, I might have beaten that to death with the last impression post.


  2. pkudude99

    What kind of idiotic design even LETS the newbie spawn point be camped? If my 1st impression on logging into a new game was “dead in 10 seconds” that’d also be the last time I EVER logged into that game.


  3. Mekhios

    Planetside 2 is a strange game. I logged in last night and scratched my head wondering how I choose classes. The game isn’t exactly newbie friendly. Maybe I was missing something obvious.

    I seemed to default to a light assault class. Once I was on the map I looked around and saw about 50 or so people fighting each other. I basically stood in the one spot next to what seemed the foot of a large structure and shot the players without tags. Racked up quite an impressive kill count and strangely no one seemed to notice me standing there.

    I then logged out and spent the rest of the night playing Guild Wars 2. I can’t say I hate or like PS2. It didn’t really give me any strong impressions at all which is probably not a good thing. The combat seems oddly detached.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @pkudude99 – It is a shooter, isn’t it? Camping spawns and shooting the clueless are right up there with aim hacks and wall hacks on the required list I think.

    Actually, playing some more, for some reason it decided to advance deploy me straight into combat. Since then, I have only spawned in safe spots.

    @Mekhois – Yeah, I did not even get into the whole “I have no idea how I really select these options because the UI seemed to be off on its own little mission elsewhere.” I figured things were new and I somehow managed to do what I wanted without know how, so let’s just run with it.


  5. silvertemplar

    Hehe, sounds like my experience too. I was also got dropped into a huge blazing battle and promptly got run over by a friendly tank long before i could figure out where the hell i am and where i should be going.

    No idea why SOE did this. In Beta you started at the continent’s Warpgate where you can nicely try out all the vehicles and orientate yourself on the map . You also need to be at the warpgate anyway to change continents. Now i DID play beta so i had a relatively good idea what is going on when i dropped into the base, but a newbie? Silly imho.

    Overall i can see they drop you into a random “action spot” , if you are lucky it is one where your own forces are winning , if you are unlucky you end up finding yourself being camped by the enemy.

    I got a feeling SOE and Smedley is chuckling at this for some reason, watching newbies dropping into a warzone without even their graphics and keyboard bindings configured.


  6. Aufero

    Good to know the essence of Planetside hasn’t been compromised. I can see I’ll have to play this one, because utter chaos and my swift and repeated demise is most of what I remember fondly about the original.


  7. p0tsh0t

    I’m thinking that if if they ever make a video game version of “The Producers” it should be set inside SOE with Smed and Brad as Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom.


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