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Pong is 40 Today

What was probably the first successful arcade video game, Pong, turned 40 today, if Wikipedia is to be believed.

I am old enough to remember when this seemed incredibly new and different.  And fun.  This game was fun.  I remember begging for quarters to play it at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Jose when I was a kid. (I cannot believe that place is still there.)

Quarters to play this!

That is it…

This is the game that made Atari a household name.  There were numerous knock-offs, and every home video game console had to have a version of Pong for the next decade.  I think the NES might have been the first without a “two paddles and a ball” game by default.

The first video game console in our home was the Atari Super Pong version, which had FOUR… count them… FOUR variations on the game.

I cannot even remember what those four were.  One was a solo version that was essentially you versus a wall, though you could turn the other controller to make a gap in the wall.  Wozniak and Jobs would come along in a bit and turn that idea into Breakout, the prototypical “lone nerd in a losing battle” video game.

And the Atari 2600 came with paddle controllers primarily so you could play Pong, though I recall it being useful the Casino card games as well. (Which, if nothing else, taught me that in Blackjack, Vegas Rules suck.  Unless, of course, you are the house.)

So remember Pong today, for it is the mother of all “how the hell was this ever fun?” video games.

The Raptr Catalyst

Raptr, the gaming social network and tracking software thing, and competitor to Xfire, has been working on their Raptr rewards again.

Last time around I got some cosmetic goodies in Rift for the Storm Legion launch.

This time they have been working with CCP for the launch of the Retribution expansion.

So if you use Raptr, play EVE Online, and rank at least “experienced” in the number of hours tracked in EVE, you should check you Raptr Rewards, as you might have an Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst waiting for you.

(Click to make that bigger, like just about any picture on the blog.)

Raptr Reward for Retribution

You have to claim it, get a code, go enter a code, log into your account, and so on and so forth.  And it didn’t even work for me the first time I tried.  I suspect it failed because I used Raptr’s browser.  In a real browser it worked however, and after that you can claim it like you do any other gift item from CCP, via the little gift box icon on the character select screen.

So I claimed it, logged in, and assembled it right away, then took it for a quick spin.

Gift Catalyst in Flight

I named the ship “Killmail Bait” because I am sure somebody will want to shoot it just to have a new and different ship on their destroyed list.

I did stay close to the station

The ship itself isn’t really anything special.  It looks to be a re-skinned version of the all-too-famous suicide gank destroyer, the Gallente Catalyst.

Stock Catalyst Footage

Other than that, it appears to be the same.  Same number of slots at high, medium, and low.

Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst Fit Screen

It might actually have a bit more heft on the power grid and CPU fronts, if the Catalyst article on EVElopedia is up to date.  It also seems to be beefier on defense.

Ironically though, for a something called a “shipping Catalyst,” it does not hold any more cargo than the standard model, with the same 400 m3 of storage.  Maybe they meant “slightly more secure” shipping.

So I have a somewhat beefier Gallente destroyer in my ever growing fleet of ships.

I am not sure what I am going to do with it.  I could take it out to null sec and keep it around for comedy ops, or to just be the odd ball ship on kill mails.

I considered opting-in on the Goonswarm Secret Santa program so I could give it away, though in reading the “Dear Santa…” thread, I don’t see a lot of people asking for a slightly better Catalyst.

I could always have another screen shot contest with this ship as one of the prizes.

Or I could let it sit in my hanger like several other one-time ships I have gotten in the past.

What would you do with the Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst?