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First Peek at Retribution

I did get a chance to look at Retribution after letting download while watching a DVD and listening to my daughter complain that the internet was slow.  Maybe that is the answer to my hardware doldrums question.  Maybe I should look for a better internet service, if there is one.  You would think, living in Silicon Valley, I would have options, but last time I checked it was just the phone company and their lowest level of service available.

Anyway, the download finished and I was able to log in for a bit.

New Splash for Retribution

It wasn’t long enough to explore features with the depth that others have, but I got to poke at a few of the new things.  I had queued up a couple of before/after scenarios for just this occasion.

The first was the impact of the heavy missile nerf on my Tengu ratting ship.

Tengu missiles before Retribution

Tengu missiles before Retribution

113km range and 664.1 DPS before.

Tengu missiles after Retribution

Tengu missiles after Retribution

79km range and 629.5 DPS after.  Oh, and the print is bigger, never a bad thing for me, and it shows me the damage type of my ammo now.

That is a bigger range hit than I was expecting.  Basically, a 38% nerf in this situation.

Damage per second, on the other hand, was down just over 5%, which was less than I expected.

For my ratting purposes, this is pretty low impact.  Range is never an issue and the damage reduction won’t add a lot of time to clearing a site.  At least not enough that I feel the need to switch over to assault missiles before I have finished off my supply of heavies.

I haven’t looked to see how my fleet op Drake now performs, but I am again glad I spent a lot of the last couple of months investing in gunnery skills.

Then, of course, there are the circles.  That seemed to be one of the UI themes for Retribution, put everything in circles.  So my target list went from this row of squares:

Guristas are all squares

Guristas are all squares

To a row of circles:

Rounding out Guristas

Rounding out Guristas

The circles take a little more space across the top of my game window, and I have to look more closely to tell how much damage a target has take, though that last bit is something that will likely get better as I get used to the new UI.

And, of course, there more circles in space indicating the ships you have targeted.

Target meatballs

Target meatballs

They certainly makes targets more visible in space.  And, when combined with the new camera target tracking option, which shifts the camera to point in the direction of your currently selected target automatically, you can maintain better situational awareness when you need it.  I did not really need it for ratting however, and it started giving me a bit of motion sickness… something I do not usually suffer from… so I turned that off pretty quickly.

Finally, I was interested to see who would top the bounty list on the first night.  Neither individual nor corporation bounties listed anybody I recognized.  But for alliance bounties, our friends at Gentleman’s Agreement were at the top of the list.

Kill Gents, If You Please...

Kill Gents, If You Please…

Granted, this was the first night, and those bounties are probably pretty small at this point (I saw bigger for both single pilots and corps), and thus easily influenced by individuals.

But while I knew our allies in Gents were ever eager to get into fights, I figured that Goonswarm would be at the top of the CFC bounty list.  I am sure that will change over time.  But for now, Viva Gents!

I will be interested to see how the updated bounty system works out.  Will it give carebears a way to fight back?  Or will it turn into a more sophisticated griefing tool?