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Abyssal Precipice – Four Just Seems to be Our Number

It was time at last to get back to Abyssal Precipice to try and finish that off.

We spent the last couple of Saturday nights trying to get the group all into the right level range, which involved a lot more instant adventures that I care to remember.  But after a marathon Sunday afternoon the previ0us week, we were finally all in the level range and ready to go.  The group stood as:

  • Zahihawass level 50 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 50 mage
  • Earlthecat level 50 warrior
  • Hillmar level 50 cleric
  • Gizalia level 52 mage

Whoops.  Somebody got ahead there.  Most of us have Storm Legion now, but not all of us have alts, and so now we have a bit of leakage from the expansion.

So it looked like we would be set for the instance.  We did not even have to walk to the instance this time.  Having somebody in the group a level over the listed range did not impact us.

The Group's Dungeon Options

The Group’s Dungeon Options

We couldn’t do the Storm Legion dungeons because we did not all have the expansion yet, but the last three pre-expansion instances were still available.

So we got ourselves into Abyssal Precipice.  More after the cut because pictures and blah blah blah.

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