Abyssal Precipice – Four Just Seems to be Our Number

It was time at last to get back to Abyssal Precipice to try and finish that off.

We spent the last couple of Saturday nights trying to get the group all into the right level range, which involved a lot more instant adventures that I care to remember.  But after a marathon Sunday afternoon the previ0us week, we were finally all in the level range and ready to go.  The group stood as:

  • Zahihawass level 50 cleric
  • Jollyreaper level 50 mage
  • Earlthecat level 50 warrior
  • Hillmar level 50 cleric
  • Gizalia level 52 mage

Whoops.  Somebody got ahead there.  Most of us have Storm Legion now, but not all of us have alts, and so now we have a bit of leakage from the expansion.

So it looked like we would be set for the instance.  We did not even have to walk to the instance this time.  Having somebody in the group a level over the listed range did not impact us.

The Group's Dungeon Options

The Group’s Dungeon Options

We couldn’t do the Storm Legion dungeons because we did not all have the expansion yet, but the last three pre-expansion instances were still available.

So we got ourselves into Abyssal Precipice.  More after the cut because pictures and blah blah blah.

At the entrance yet again.

Back in AP Again

Back in AP Again

But then Gizalia wasn’t feeling well, so she went AFK for a while, leaving the rest of us to start off the instance.  No big deal I suppose.  Earl and I practically did the first boss, Kaler Andrenos, as a duo previously.  With four of us at level 50 it didn’t seem like that big of an obstacle.

And, hey presto, it wasn’t.

We knew the dance, nobody got killed by his spike, we all broke line of sight for his insta-kill power, and we wore him down.

Fighting Kaler

Fighting Kaler

In the end we managed it in one go without a death with just the four of us.  Not bad, though as I noted, by this point we knew the fight well. (We actually started the instance again a couple weeks back and did this fight, but then went back to group leveling.)

We cleaned him up, got a couple of quest updates, then started on through the ice caves to the next boss, Majolic the Bloodwalker.

Majolic was where we got stopped last time.  He seemed to be a pretty tough fight.  We were hoping that Gizalia would be back with us by this point, but she had gone to bed still not feeling well.  Her character was still logged in on her computer, sitting at the start point of the instance, but otherwise not much help.  In the old days, that might have been useful to hold the zone I suppose, but now, not so much.

We did not have anything else planned, and did not need to do any more instant adventures, so we just got stuck into Majolic.  And he gave us a hell of a time.

Majolic doesn’t hit the tank very hard, so one of the first things I learned was that I could ignore Earl for stretches of time while tending to others.  However, my attentions were often not enough.  The blood poison that he puts on players basically kills them in three ticks if you do not get on them and cure them right away.   It gets announced in chat, but there looked to be a stack of five on the victim so I had to target and cast a string of cures.  One was not enough, or I could have just used my raid cure.  The removes one instance from everybody, but had a 10 second cool down, by which time the victim is dead.

We wiped.  We wiped again.  Zahi got focused on healing and curing as well.  We wiped.  We tried to figure out a way to situate ourselves for optimum coverage while avoiding radiated damage from some of the effects.

My main problem was paying attention to my own health.  The usual healer failing.  Both Zahi and I had combat resses, so we could bring each other back into the fight at least once.  But there was a whole lot of dying going on.

Meanwhile, Earl was always the last to die.  Using the hoplite build for warriors, he had a lot of self-healing power of his own.  But he wasn’t enough alone, and would get caught in the blood crystal, while we were all laying about, dead, and watching Majolic’s health get ever so close to done.

And then, on one fight where I managed to hang on much longer that usual and things seemed within our grasp, we decided to release and run back during the fight.  So as Jolly was running back, I went down.  Earl was just barely alive when Jolly showed up with his minion and started to attack.  He had just enough power to finish off Majolic.

Majolic finished

Majolic finished

Of course, Jolly got hit with the blood poison and died two ticks later, but it was enough to count.  Majolic was down and we could move on in the instance.

Majolic the Corpse

Majolic the Corpse

Not a pretty victory.  Not a pretty boss.

I think if we had had the extra DPS, it would not have been nearly as challenging.  We had Majolic down under 20% almost every fight, so one more mage and pet combo blazing away probably would have finished things off with most of us not dead even once.

After that, things went pretty smoothly.  Earl got a little over confident pulling trash a couple of times, leading to some frantic healing on my part, but nobody died.  We went through another ice tunnel called the Wendigo Cave.

Earl needs more buffs!

Earl needs more buffs!

This location sounded vaguely familiar to some of us.

Another Wendigo, Another Time

Another Wendigo, Another Time

We pushed on and made our way around to Calyx the Ancient, the final boss, who we dispatched in a short fight.  The instance was done.

End of the instance

End of the instance

I am going to have to ask Earl to not loot so damn quickly.  The achievement screen shot is blocked by the loot window coming up right on top of it.  But we had made it.  Even Gizalia got the achievement, still sitting there and the entrance.

That leaves us two more pre-Storm Legion instances to go, and then it is into the new content.

6 thoughts on “Abyssal Precipice – Four Just Seems to be Our Number

  1. pkudude99

    Yeah, Majolic is definitely the hard one of the instance, though Calyx is *much* harder at the Expert level. Though now that SL has dropped, I doubt you’ll be doing the experts but will instead be moving on to the new dungeons in the expansion, yes?

    BTW, your post back in October about the changes in your spec with the 1.11 changes was a partial inspiration for me to make my own (long) post about my own specs with the changes. Feel free to check it out!


  2. Solf

    Hi, a bit of an off-topic… I’ve started playing Rift myself (in no small part thanks to reading your reports — thanks for that!) and I’ve enabled Twitter integration so that it tracks my achievements. I believe you’ve did the same with your character?

    The problem I have though, is that when I try to view achievement screenshot full-size (by clicking on it), it simply gives me an error. I believe I’ve had the same issue with your Twitter feed and your achievements.

    Do you have any idea what might be causing it? Does it work for you?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Solf – When you follow the link to YFrog, clicking on the picture errors out for me as well.

    To see the full size screen shot, I take the URL for the direct link to the image that is off to the right and paste that into the browser address field. That brings me to what I want.


  4. Solf

    Ooh, thanks a lot! That ‘direct link’ on the right indeed works!

    It’s weird that YFrog web is broken that badly — and apparently been broken like this for a while…


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