SOE Web Inertia Face Off!

November was a big month for SOE.  Not only did they launch an new game, PlanetSide 2, but they also launched expansions for their two Norrathian MMORPGs.  EverQuest got Rain of Fear and EverQuest II got Chains of Eternity.

But no event is so big that some obvious, customer facing detail cannot be left out.  So here we are, a week into December, and both the EverQuest and the EverQuest II web sites are still advertising their previous expansion right there in the side bar of the front page.

So the question is, which site will get updated first?


Now, with all things being equal, I would bet on the EverQuest site being updated first, as you can no longer even buy the Veil of Alaris expansion if you click on the Buy Now link.  Meanwhile, Age of Discovery looks to still be listed on the EverQuest II expansion content page.

So which site do you think will get updated to the latest expansion first?

Will anybody care enough to check up on the answer?

7 thoughts on “SOE Web Inertia Face Off!

  1. Stargrace

    Where do you see these advertised? When I go to I see the new expansion, and same with when I go to the expansion page.

    Age of discovery is still on the buy now page because you still need to buy it, even with chains. It’s not included in the newest expansion. EverQuest includes all previous expansions.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Well, as of today, I declare EverQuest the winner. The EverQuest site appears to have simply replaced the add with a “Like us on Facebook” box.

    The two of who picked EverQuest win!


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