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Ninety Million Skill Points

I think I am now officially “invested” in the game.

There was a time when ninety million skill points would have seemed very impressive.  Now that I have meandered to that level of training, I have to think the bar for anything worth mentioning has to be well past 100 million.

But I will mention it anyway.  As I do at every interval of ten million skill points, I look at where I have been training.  The start date for all of my training was August 29, 2006.  Past reviews can be found here:

At ninety million, here are how my skill points are distributed.

Spaceship Command: 23,227,296*
 Gunnery:          12,890,926*
 Missiles:          9,628,426*
 Engineering:       7,514,510*
 Science:           7,170,676
 Drones:            7,069,944*
 Electronics:       4,558,761*
 Industry:          3,912,704
 Navigation:        3,330,255*
 Trade:             3,271,765
 Leadership:        2,447,530*
 Mechanics:         1,555,747*
 Subsystems:        1,280,000*
 Corp Management:   1,108,784
 Social:              943,765*
 Total:           ~90,000,000

Asterisks represent the areas that have changed since the last checkpoint.  And it looks like I have been training things all over the place, as usual.

For those who are more visual, here is a pie chart of my skill distribution.

Pie! Yum!

Pie! Yum!

Last time around my training ended up with me having a new ship on my list, the Scimitar, complete with all the skills to be a healing space priest in fleet operations.  This time around, the big change is having all of my Tengu related skill at level 5… just in time for Tengu fleet to disappear as a doctrine… as well as the capability of flying the tech II Rokh fleet fit.

A new Rokh... unfit so far

A new Rokh… unfit so far

Getting up to spec for the Rokh meant gunnery skills.  Nearly 3 million of the last 10 million skill points went into gunnery.

All of this training ended up adding a net of four new skills, bringing my total to 223.  That isn’t a lot of new skills.  Three of them were gunnery related, and for no particular reason I trained up Jump Drive Operation, just in case I got the capital route some day I suppose.  It is the cheapest skill on that path.

My 223 skills are distributed like this:

 Level 1:  1 skill
 Level 2: 15 skills
 Level 3: 44 skills
 Level 4: 51 skills
 Level 5: 112 skills

14 more skills are now level 5 from last time, making half of my skills at maximum training.  Levels 4, 3, and 2 are down 5, 3, and 2 skills respectively.  A spent more time improving the skill I had rather than acquiring more.

Then there is the constant metric I have used since I started playing the EVE Mon skill point game: How many days until I can fly a titan?  I managed to shave about 3 days off the training time for a Leviathan, the Caldari titan, leaving me just 66 days and 10 hours away from being able to fly it.  Unfit, of course.  That would probably add another 90 days.

And finally, there is the question that is clearly as old as EVE Online itself:  What should I train next?

I am almost at the peak of points for shield and missile skills.  I am covered for the upcoming changes to destroyer and battle cruiser skills, which will divide those into racial rather than general skill.  So when they are split up, I ought to actually get a free skill point boost towards 100 million when there are Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, and Minmatar versions of destroyer and battle cruiser skill.  Gaff has been trying to get me to work towards a dreadnaught, though that takes some real money.  Even the skills are expensive.  I would have to work on earning some ISK to get there.  Or I could just tune up my armor tanking skills.  I have some skill points invested there… I have some skill points invested just about everywhere at this point… but fleet doctrine might change some day.

Large projectile turrets V is actually what is training for the next few days.  After that, what path should I take?