Half Price Jagdpanzer IV

I have not been very good at climbing the tiers in World of Tanks.

It is easy to climb up a short ways.  It tanks minutes to get to tier II, and not much more to get to tier III.  Even tier IV can be had with an evening’s undisturbed focus and a 50-50 win streak.  But once you get to tier V, impulse buy time is over and you have to focus a bit.

And so it was that I got my Hetzer in short order, but had to work a bit to get my StuG III.  Likewise, even with a pile of converted experience, I had to do my time in the Russian T-28 before I could get into a KV-1.  But I got there.

KV-1 blasts away!

KV-1 blasts away!

And then there is tier VI.

The experience is, of course, incrementally greater.  But it also becomes the point where… for me at least… the cost in credits for the vehicle itself begins to become an obstacle.  I can bring myself, in times of great need… heh… to use a bit of gold to convert experience on elite tanks into universal experience.  But gold for credits seems like a waste.  And there is so much else on which to spend credits.

So while I did eventually earn all the experience and trained for the Jagdpanzer IV, the next stop on the German tank destroyer line after the StuG III, I never purchased one.  I needed to train it to make the StuG III an elite tank, at which point I turned on accelerated crew experience.  But the JgPz IV is 910K credits, which is a lot when you still spend time playing lower tier tanks.

I did actually save up that much, then looked at all those credits and decided to spend it on upgrades for my current tanks.  Camo nets and binocular periscopes all around!  I have a pretty well fitted PzJg I in the tier II bracket.  And I haven’t had that many credits since, as there always seems to be an upgrade I want to buy.

This past weekend was the Battle of the Bulge event on the North American server which, aside from reminding us of countless poorly written weight loss articles that appear in the paper this time of year, also meant a 50% boost to crew training speed and a variety of discounts on tanks that Wargaming.net felt embodied the spirit of the event.

As I was looking at research on my various vehicles over the course of the weekend, I saw that the JgPz IV was on the half price list and that I happened to have just enough credits to get it.  And so I bought my first tier VI tank.

Factory fresh JgPz IV

Factory fresh JgPz IV

And then I was out of credits and pretty much out of experience with a completely stock new tank.  I did opt for the fully trained crew.  Again, I think that is worthwhile in tanks I expect to spend a long time playing.  Better to get the crew started on their supplementary skills.  I also noticed that camo paint was half price as part of the weekend event, so I applied that.

Tarted up a bit

Tarted up a bit

But playing the JgPz IV in matches along with my StuG III, I could really feel the lack of extra equipment.  I got spotted a lot more easily and could not see targets as far away.  So I decided I needed more upgrades.  Since I did not yet have the credits to fully fit the new tank destroyer, I decided to borrow equipment from one of my old ones.  I looked down the list to see which well fitted vehicle I had not been playing as much.  And that was the Marder II.

Desert Marder II

Desert Marder II

While I have fun playing the Marder II, it is always the last on the list.  With the purchase of the JgPz IV, I now had five German tank destroyers.  And so I unfit the camo net, the binocular periscope, and the coated optics from the Marder II and mounted them on the new guy, bringing him up to spec.  That helped a lot.  I left the Marder II in the garage, just in case.  But for now it is out of play rotation.

I also managed to get the first gun upgrade for the JgPz IV, which was a slight improvement.

Upgunned PzJg IV

Upgunned PzJg IV

Note the giant TOG II* in the background, which started making an appearance in numbers this past weekend.  It was clearly put in game to make T-28 feel svelt.  It is a target begging to be shot.

Tempting, but he is on our team...

Tempting, but he is on our team…

I am still saving up for the big gun on the JgPz IV, the 88mm KwK 36, which is called the PaK 36 when used in an anti-tank role.  Once I have that, I will be invincible, right?

That will be a while though.  It is nearly 10K experience to get that, plus some cash.  And then it is another 60K experience to get to the Jagpanther.  But I am still moving forward, though I have been splitting my time with the KV-1 as well, both of which got a lot of crew training this past weekend.

The only other WoT item of note has to do with the router in our house, which decided it was time to lay down and die, but not before spending a few hours on Friday night acting erratically.  It would run for a bit, then reset itself, dropping my connection mid-battle.  Of course, this kept happening at the worst possible time.

I have you now BDR!

I have you now BDR!

Yeah, there I am, lined up for the kill… and the link is down.  The game let me shoot at my target, but nothing else happened.  So I took some screen shots of the KV-1 firing just to have them.  The picture at the top of the post is one.

When I finally reconnected, I was the one who was dead.

Fortunately, Fry’s is just a couple miles away and open until 10pm.  A new router was purchased and set up.  Tanks battles recommenced.

5 thoughts on “Half Price Jagdpanzer IV

  1. scotth

    Don’t you have a Type 59? A couple of decent games in a Type should easily net 100k credits with a premium account.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Scotth – Yes I do. And I could earn 100k credits with a couple of winning or maybe five losing battles. And then I would have 100K credits. I could buy a camo cover. That still leaves me with an experience deficit on the vehicle I want to upgrade.


  3. HarbingerZero

    Given what you’ve said about your playstyle, I would not upgrade to the 88. The 88 has less penetration, less accuracy, and a slower RoF in return for greater damage. At range, under cover, that tradeoff will be a liability rather than an advantage.


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