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A Year in Null Sec

A year ago yesterday I first set foot into 0.0 space in EVE Online.

Well, at least on purpose.  There was that incident early in my career.

This time around my friend Gaff, who had been in null sec for some time as part of the TNT alliance, sponsored me to join his corp.  I then promptly relocated my clone, self destructed, and appeared in 0.0. space.  A new chapter had begun for me.

There was some setup.  I still cannot pay attention to all of the possible com channels available to me.  There are in-game corp, alliance, and intel channels.  There are two different voice com servers.  There are three different forums, two wikis, and a pair of Jabber feeds that are complex in and of themselves.

And there was also a war on, and I was very quickly in a fleet and in a battle with battleships and titans and towers being destroyed.  Pretty heady stuff after only a couple of days out in null.  I had never seen a titan before, and suddenly there was a whole fleet of them.

Titans and lesser ships

Titans and lesser ships

This sort of strategic op became the norm for my participation in the CFC.  I occasionally rat to earn some money.  I mined exactly once.  I never go on roams, although I have been in a few homeland defense fleets.  Basically I wait for Jabber to tell me a fleet operation is up and I log in, join up, and do what I am told.

I am not sure if that makes me a crap member of the alliance, a great member, or just another member.  But it is something I enjoy, despite the protestations by others that large fleet ops cannot be fun.

Boring words and maps after the cut.

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