A Year in Null Sec

A year ago yesterday I first set foot into 0.0 space in EVE Online.

Well, at least on purpose.  There was that incident early in my career.

This time around my friend Gaff, who had been in null sec for some time as part of the TNT alliance, sponsored me to join his corp.  I then promptly relocated my clone, self destructed, and appeared in 0.0. space.  A new chapter had begun for me.

There was some setup.  I still cannot pay attention to all of the possible com channels available to me.  There are in-game corp, alliance, and intel channels.  There are two different voice com servers.  There are three different forums, two wikis, and a pair of Jabber feeds that are complex in and of themselves.

And there was also a war on, and I was very quickly in a fleet and in a battle with battleships and titans and towers being destroyed.  Pretty heady stuff after only a couple of days out in null.  I had never seen a titan before, and suddenly there was a whole fleet of them.

Titans and lesser ships

Titans and lesser ships

This sort of strategic op became the norm for my participation in the CFC.  I occasionally rat to earn some money.  I mined exactly once.  I never go on roams, although I have been in a few homeland defense fleets.  Basically I wait for Jabber to tell me a fleet operation is up and I log in, join up, and do what I am told.

I am not sure if that makes me a crap member of the alliance, a great member, or just another member.  But it is something I enjoy, despite the protestations by others that large fleet ops cannot be fun.

Boring words and maps after the cut.

Right, the war.

The war, the first one in which I was involved, was against White Noise.  Here is how things stood when I arrived. (Sovereignty maps from the usual source.)

Sov - Dec. 18, 2011

Sov – Dec. 18, 2011

The war against White Noise and Raiden went well, and the map from five months further on shows them gone from the map.

Sov - May 18, 2012

Sov – May 18, 2012

Then came the second war, which started down in Delve facing off with Nulli Secunda and Against All Authorities (-A-), and then the third war, which was right on our door step against Northern Coalition.  The most recent map shows things went pretty well for us again.

Sov - December 18, 2012

Sov – December 18, 2012

Northern Coalition is gone in the north, while -A-ended up facing a smorgasbord of opposition determined to wipe them from the map.  Which they did.

Notable is that Raiden and Null Secunda are on that final map, having joined the war against -A-.  Also worthy of note is the Walltreipers Alliance that held out tenaciously during the first part of the war in the south, putting their allies to shame with their determination.  They now have their own chunk of space again as well.

Of course, my influence on any of these events was beyond microscopic.  But, as CCP likes to say, I was there.

A “there” was all over the place.  A year ago my visited systems were all in empire space, high and low sec, and looked like this on the map.

Visited System Dec. 17, 2011

Visited System Dec. 17, 2011

Now, well… I had to zoom the map out further to be able to get in all the systems.

Visited Systems Dec. 18, 2012

Visited Systems Dec. 18, 2012

You have to click on that picture to enlarge it to really see the systems.  The systems from the first map are that clump in the middle, while all the systems around the periphery represent most of the new locations.

And now, after a year and several wars and many fleet operations and endless stories from DBRB, the question arises:  What now?

Some are fretting that we have hit stagnation in 0.0 space.  The CFC certainly has all the sovereignty it could need and our little alliance only has a few systems and seems quite happy with that.  The Honey Badger Coalition, our neighbors to the west, which lead the crusade against -A- in the south, remains our ally because of the TEST/GSF relationship.  And to the east is IRC, which seems to be more like a hunting preserve rather than a war target, and Solar Fleet and its allies, collectively referred to as “The Russians,” because, well… they are primarily Russians.  The potential of going to war with them has been greeted with all the enthusiasm that inserting one’s penis in a blend might… um… engender?

So what will happen in 2013?

I might have to learn how to fit something smaller than a battlecruiser and figure out how to join in on the smaller scale roams and operations that come up with some frequency.  Or maybe I’ll earn some ISK and start in on capital ships.  Or maybe there will be a new war and I’ll get to fly that Rokh I just got.

Anyway, the story of my time in null sec is all filed under the null sec tag on the blog.  We shall see how far into the future that tag remains active.

1 thought on “A Year in Null Sec

  1. Mekhios

    Since Retribution was released early Dec 2012 there has been a massive influx of new players to EVE highsec space. Last night I counted over 1200 players in the Rookie channel. Asteroid fields in 0.5 to 1.0 are constantly mined out because there are now so many players.

    The challenge for EVE is to encourage these new players to transition over to other areas of EVE. I think Retribution has gone a long way to helping newbies grapple with the game mechanics. There is a lot of enthusiasm amongst new players coming to EVE and a ton of “why didn’t I try this before” comments.

    It is also a great time to make some money selling items to new players via the market. So at the very least in carebear space the game is populated and vibrant and many new corps have formed to tackle the content.


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