Looking at EVE Online Through a Year of Ads

Proof that I may take too many screen shots.

At some point more than a year back, I started taking screen shots of the ads that CCP puts up on the splash screen of EVE Online.  I thought I might do something with them at some point.  Today I went through the 3,000+ screen shots I have taken in EVE this year (it should be a long time before EVE Online Pictures runs out of material) and copied out all of the splash screen ads that I grabbed and put them into a single picture.

Here it is, 68 ads:

Click to enlarge... 3MB file

Click to enlarge… 3MB file

I doubt this is anything like a comprehensive gallery of ads.  I think at one point I stopped taking screen shots of the PLEX related ads.  And there were a few with the loading alert up in front of them because I had logged myself in without stopping long enough to take a screen shot.

Still, even with my abbreviated list, there are a lot of things covered.  Selling PLEX and copies of EON are well represented, but so are events and expansions and new features and elections and so on.

Not the worst way to view EVE Online in 2012.

8 thoughts on “Looking at EVE Online Through a Year of Ads

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    While the sort order might not be obvious, they are actually sorted by when they were posted. I started with two columns and put a pair in the middle and then alternate adding to top and bottom until I ended up with two columns of 34 ads where the outermost ads were the oldest.

    The I decided to cut the columns in half to square off the picture, and being a half-wit, I cut them into two groups, one 16 ads tall and one 18 ads tall. So I had to move one that put things out of order.

    But generally speaking, the two columns on the left have the newest at the top while the columns on the right have the newest at the bottom, except for the pair at the very bottom which I moved over and which screwed up the whole pattern.

    (Actually, looking at it, the pair with the EON half price sale with holiday boxes is the most recent. Bah!)

    So, basically, no, I won’t be making another version. I spent enough time with that one.


  2. Beetlezombie

    WOW, why the hostile response?

    No I’m not from a department and no I’m not an ordinary internet troll.

    I was reading your blog on my tablet in a freak minute of spare time when my 1y old daughter suddenly threw herself on me needing more daddy time :-).

    And then I just thought, wow how does this guy do all this. And I wrote that comment quickly, not even took the time to log in to my WP account.

    But okay, you won’t have to worry from my ‘ordinary’ comments again. Have a nice day.



  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Beetle – Well, first, your questions have nothing at all to do with the post at hand, which is impolite. Hello, I’d like to hijack this thread to ask unrelated personal questions!

    Second, without any context around it, your questions certainly seem presumptive and critical. They imply you know something about my personal life when you know nothing at all.

    Third, how would you expect me to respond? Don’t I have a job and a family? Seriously? Am I supposed to pour out the details of my daily schedule for your approval?

    Please think before you comment and we’ll all be a lot happier.


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