Quote of the Day – Firefly Universe Online

We’ve been had.

Owen Good of Kotaku, on Firefly Universe Online

Friday there was buzz about an MMO based on the Firefly universe being a possibility again.

The "FU" part is right...

The “FU” part is right…

Today though, it seems like the world is singing a different tune.

In something of an odd twist, my wife and I just watched the series again… all 14 episodes… we have it on DVD… so we could ask aloud once again to nobody in particular, “Really Fox?”  And yet, even in that state of mind, I wasn’t at all excited about Friday’s announcement.

Not because I somehow knew it was a hoax.  I am not that insightful.

No, it was just because I have heard enough, “Hey, we’re going to make an MMO on popular property X” over the last few years to need to see something substantial before I can generate any enthusiasm.

See Planet Michael and that Wheel of Time MMO for examples.

Addendum: Nothing is ever simple.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Firefly Universe Online

  1. bhagpuss

    The Otherland MMO is actually a Thing, though. Whether that’s a Good Thing, or whether the thing that it is is good is another thing.

    Or something.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Yes, I was more going for things promised that never become things. A Stargate MMO is one such.

    SWTOR is an MMO, so it passed that stage successfully. Whether or not it was the thing you or I wanted it to be is a different measurement.


  3. Anonymouse

    I like Firefly. I own the DVD set, too, as well as the movie Serenity, and watch it every couple months or so.

    That said, Firefly’s popularity is pretty limited and niche, and I doubt that the market research would show that there are enough potential players out there to justify the investment required of an MMO.

    Star Wars is a far, far more popular property and yet SW:TOR still can’t get the numbers, even after switching to F2P. Stargate Worlds floundered even before it got launched. Let’s also not forget Star Trek Online – or, perhaps, we should forget it. :)

    I expect this is nothing but a rumor based on a pitch. I know some folks who were making the same sort of pitch to game companies about developing a Highlander MMO, too.


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