First Bounty in Venal

I managed a few firsts last night.

I got into my first fleet op of the year.  It seems that Black Legion is up for fights in Venal.  An operation got called, so I put down World of Tanks and joined the fleet.

It was also my first time taking out my tech II fit Rokh in an Alpha Fleet.  My Maelstrom is gone.

Rokhs and Maelstroms

Rokhs and Maelstroms

I managed to get on my first kill mail of the year when an interdictor got a good bubble up on Black Legion.

Black Legion warps in

Black Legion warps in

I probably would have gotten more than one kill, but for some reason I decided to shift-click to target for most of the fight… which meant I targeted nothing.  Control-click is what I wanted.  I figured that out in time to get one broadside in on a Tornado.  That did 9% of the damage though.

I did also get rounds down range on a bomber later on, but it was gone before my shots hit.  Enough to get on another kill mail. (There is a battle kill summary here.)

And during the fight I got my first bounty payout from the system that came in with Retribution.

Bounty time!

Bounty time!

I got a payout for kills just by being in the fleet.  It wasn’t a lot cash, maybe 100K ISK total.  But it was something.

Nothing terribly exciting in all of that, but it was my first time out in a while and my first kill mail since October.

3 thoughts on “First Bounty in Venal

  1. SynCaine

    Ah the Rokh, my first lvl 4 mission ship way back in 07. Man do I wish I had gone Raven, would have made life so much easier. Those T2 425s are fun though.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Yeah, I built a Rokh back in 2008 when playing around with production, but never flew it in anger. I was already trained up on missiles, so the Raven was not only an easier ship to fly, but I already had the skills.

    Of course, last night there was also an alliance update that included two new fleet doctrines based on armor tanking. So I have that to train up now.


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