Sayonara Fippy Darkpaw

An homage to the Fippy Darkpaw server.

Direct Link

Meant to evoke the spirit of the Sayonara Norrath video.

Not quite there for me, but still full of fun sights.

3 thoughts on “Sayonara Fippy Darkpaw

  1. wizardling

    Yeah, this didn’t really do it for me the same way the original did – which really packed an emotional punch. Still, it’s cool it was made.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I think part of it is the insistence on fading to full black between each shot and the speed of the pan on each shot makes things feel rushed and a bit jarring. Ah well, nice to see the sights.


  3. wizardling

    Yep. For all it’s low resolution and ageing effects, the original Sayonara EverQuest got it right, especially in the first half. I felt the creator’s emotional attachment to EQ and the players of his time in-game. Sayonara Fippy just leaves me feeling indifferent at best.

    But hey – I guess I shouldn’t over analyse a You Tube fan vid, heh. It’s cool he did this.


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