Daily Archives: January 20, 2013

Drowning in the Fjords

In an amusing turn of events, I ended up losing a Type 59 in a match yesterday due to drowning.

Not that people dying in the water is a big deal.  Since then 8.0 patch that introduced new physics and opened up the map to such things, there is inevitably somebody every few matches who falls in the water and dies.

But I was pushed.

Actually, two of us were pushed.

It was on the Fjords map, down at the end where the heavies tend to clash at the end of that hill.  First a Tiger tried to get by and flank us, ending up in the water.  Then a Löwe from our side rushed over and pushed him into the drink until he drowned.  Then, as things progressed, a US T-29 from the opposition rolled right at me and pushed my Type 59 into the water not once, but twice.  He did me in on the second dunking.

I missed my opportunity to hit his track and stop him and after that he was too close and too damn heavy to stop.  He was on top of me and that was that.

I watched it on replay and it was pretty funny, once I figured out that clicking the left mouse button would give me free camera movement.

And, in the end, our side won the match.  So my sacrifice was not in vain.