Drowning in the Fjords

In an amusing turn of events, I ended up losing a Type 59 in a match yesterday due to drowning.

Not that people dying in the water is a big deal.  Since then 8.0 patch that introduced new physics and opened up the map to such things, there is inevitably somebody every few matches who falls in the water and dies.

But I was pushed.

Actually, two of us were pushed.

It was on the Fjords map, down at the end where the heavies tend to clash at the end of that hill.  First a Tiger tried to get by and flank us, ending up in the water.  Then a Löwe from our side rushed over and pushed him into the drink until he drowned.  Then, as things progressed, a US T-29 from the opposition rolled right at me and pushed my Type 59 into the water not once, but twice.  He did me in on the second dunking.

I missed my opportunity to hit his track and stop him and after that he was too close and too damn heavy to stop.  He was on top of me and that was that.

I watched it on replay and it was pretty funny, once I figured out that clicking the left mouse button would give me free camera movement.

And, in the end, our side won the match.  So my sacrifice was not in vain.

2 thoughts on “Drowning in the Fjords

  1. Latrodanes

    I was playing on Erlenburg where I was trying to flank, but just flew over a low hill, down a steep embankment and right into the water in my Cromwell. Nothing to do but laugh.


  2. Drebin

    I’ve been drowned a few times (since embankments tend to provide some arty shelter, I don’t being along them, and one thing leads to another). I’ve been pushed under by Lowes, Mauses…had an E-100 drop himself on me after pushing me off a cliff on Dragon Ridge. It’s the cost of the game, I suppose.

    I was present to watch a triple drowning once, though. It was on Erlenberg, up at B2. I was dead at this point, and so watching via 3rd person from a friendly tank up on the north-east side of the hill on C2. Friendly Batchat had hunkered down along the B2 riverside, sniping up onto the west side of the hill, and generally annoying the enemy forces.

    Suddenly, from seemingly out of nowhere, a platooned pair of Batchats come screaming up the 2-line road, popping up on the minimap for only a few seconds before being in line-of-sight. Both are heading in for a ramming run on the friendly Batchat, this being obvious from their vector and the two being separated by only a few tank lengths. This is important to note, since the first Batchat zipped over the edge of the riverbank, only to find our Batchat backing up just enough in time to avoid the ram. Meaning the first enemy Batchat drives right in front of him and straight into the drink.

    Now, I don’t know if the friendly Batchat planned this, or it was shear luck on their part, but the friendly then pulls forward about a tank length…meaning the second enemy Batchat, aiming to broadside the friendly where he was just a moment ago, drives right past his flank and into the drink.

    Herp blurp blub blurble blup.

    Much lol-lery starts to occur on the chat channel. What caps it all as an epic fail is that is a minute or so later an enemy T-62A heads in, seemingly fixed to ram/engage the already wounded friendly Batchat and finish him off. Now, I’m guessing the Batchat was ready for this, and pulled forward in time to not get hit. The T-62A, however, brakes in time to only be nose-in into the water. There’s some gunfire between the two, only a shot or two at most, and I’m thinking “welp, that’s that Batchat dead.”

    I’m wrong, however. The reason why is that the Batchat then rotates in place to get a rear tread-wheel locked behind the 62A, and then by rotating and backing up, shoves the 62A into the river.

    Herp blurp part two.

    It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a noticeable lull in shots fired during the height of an active close-proximity engagement front. You know, people shooting at each other, within a tank length or three of each other. That sort of fight never lulls without one side being decisively finished. Except in this case shooting stopped for about 8-10 seconds as everyone started congratulating, lolling or mocking.


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