What Happened to the War Fever?

We’re going to war.
This is a fact we can’t ignore.
We’re going to war.
In case you hadn’t heard before,
I think they think we’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
I think they think we’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
We’re going to war!

The War Song, from Duck Soup

Ever since I read the Montolio Madness CEO Update it has seemed like we were headed to war.

And yet the whole thing has had an air of the absurd about it as well.  I quoted Duck Soup at the top of this post because it keeps coming to mind. (If you haven’t seen it, find some time. It may be the finest of the Marx Brothers movies.)

The only stumbling block in my mind is trying to actually pick the cast for this little bit of space theater.  I just can’t quite do that the way Jester does.

Normally I would assume The Mittani in the role of Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho), since he gets all the best lines.  However it really seemed that Montolio was playing that role, and the dialog certainly fits.  This is practically a summary of his response to the ongoing imbroglio with Fatal Ascension.

Forget? You ask me to forget? A Firefly never forgets! Why, my ancestors would rise from their graves, and I’d only have to bury them again. Nothing doing.

Then there is the point with negotiations on the brink where Montolio seems deliberately provocative.

Montolio strikes The Mittani

Montolio strikes The Mittani

And I guess the wily Ambassador Trentino does fit the personality of The Mittani more so.  Plus, from what I hear, this is a pretty accurate representation of TEST alliance meetings.

Directors play, FCs dance

Directors play, FCs dance

Anyway, it looked like two of the biggest factions in the game were headed for a serious round of space violence.

Drake fleet in the fight

Stock Footage of Space Violence

And then the whole thing blew over.

Shadoo from Pandemic Legion, who I guess is Mrs. Teasdale attempting to broker peace in the Duck Soup metaphor, a mental image that cannot be making any of us happy at this point, reportedly “talked Montolio off the ledge” and defused the situation.

There will not be a wholesale clash, complete with bloody, prolonged sov grind, between the two sides, much to the dismay of those looking for such a spectacle.  Instead, it seems that were back to this, or so some say.

Living the Technetium Dream

Living the Technetium Dream

Others say that the mechanics of the game itself stymied the war.

Not that I wasn’t looking forward to a war.  I was a bit caught up in the war fever myself.  I have been training up the skills for our new Tech Fleet doctrine, which relies on armor rather than shield tanking.  Of course, I am maxed out on all shield related skills, but have only halfheartedly gone after armor skills in the past, so my training path is clear for the moment.

And then a bloody conflict was avoided.

But there is still hope.  This came over Jabber last night while I was online.

If you missed the earlier broadcasts, both GSF and TNT have reset Test Alliance Please Ignore. This is a mutual reset and members are permitted to shoot members of TEST. Expect to see TEST sending fleets to Deklein. In fact, there may be one in VFK area right now.

And, sure enough, TEST had been reset.

Standings with TEST

Standings with TEST- Needs some bounty

They have only been reset to neutral, which means if we run into them in space, we shoot them.  We will see if that results in any battles.  There was a Homeland Defense call last night, but by the time I got on, there was nobody left to shoot… assuming there had been anybody in the first place.

Time will tell with the great war that wasn’t.

2 thoughts on “What Happened to the War Fever?

  1. Anonymouse

    Love the carebear picture – describes the situation exactly.

    Null has become the new carebear paradise.


  2. SynCaine

    I’m still amused that TEST believes TEST leads HBC. While he is clever about it, Shadoo tells Montrilio when to jump and how high. And while lying to himself enough to believe it, Monty jumps, thinking it was his idea all along.

    Remove PL from HBC, and a new magnitude of failcascade will need to be defined as any number of null-sec entities grab some space. Hell, even with PL, HBC still needed to call in big brother to fight SoCo for them. Imagine a PL-less HBC fighting SoCo alone?


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