How Games Can Boost Their Raptr and Xfire Hours Played!

Just make sure your launcher/patcher counts as your game being played.

The other night I went to patch up Path of Exile.  It is going into open beta which, among other things, means that characters made from this point forward won’t be wiped.

And while it is really tough to build any enthusiasm for the third attempt to recapture the Diablo II spirit in less than nine months, it had been about a year since I last peeked into game, and so I thought it might be time to go back for a visit.

Of course, with that much time having passed, I was rightfully expecting a big patch.  So I waited until the end of the evening, kicked off the patch process, and went to bed.

And, in the morning, not only was the patching done, but I had two items in my inbox from Raptr.

Raptr was proud to tell me that I had earned the rank “Experienced” and the “Dedicated” for my playtime in Path of Exile.

Raptr Calls It

Raptr Calls It

Although I have to admit, Raptr does seem a bit confused as to what rank I really am.  Both of the messages are proud to tell me the rank I have achieved and what I have to do to get to the next rank, however they used the same name for both.  So am I experienced, or have I been experienced, or what?

Anyway, it ends up Raptr looking like I have played a lot more Path of Exile than I really have.

I am not sure how big of a benefit that really is, and I am almost completely sure that this sort of thing is the fault of the likes Raptr and Xfire as opposed to the developer.  But it did make me wonder what other games might be benefiting in the playtime number department due to this sort of thing.

I went through some of the other games I have installed and found that Star Trek Online’s launcher/patcher gives the same result.  I did not bother to try it with Xfire, as it would have meant re-installing Xfire again, but I have to imagine that the same thing happens with some games there as well.

Of course, the real question is, does it matter?  Does this make play time numbers from services like Raptr and Xfire any more dubious in your mind or not?

Now I wonder if anybody logged into my account by accident over the weekend.  Not that I need any more playtime credited…

3 thoughts on “How Games Can Boost Their Raptr and Xfire Hours Played!

  1. mbp

    Do you know if Raptr or Xfire counts time when the game is paused or at the log in screen? I have a terrible habit of starting a game and then wandering off to do other stuff while the game sits idle on my screen.

    At least that is the excuse I give my wife when she inquires about the 50 hours I spent gaming last week according to Steam.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Paused time counts. I have let Civ V sit at the start screen while I ran off to eat dinner that turned into watching a movie and ended up back at my desk hours later only to get Steam, and thus Raptr, which links into Steam for play time reports, telling me all that time has been counted as play time.

    For MMOs I am not sure how much the paused time plays into it. Some games, like WoW, log you out… though I think Raptr keeps reporting if the executable is running. And who can tell what really counts as “paused” time in a game like EVE, where you can be logged in and doing very little while waiting for something to happen.


  3. Mekhios

    Gave up on xfire and raptr last year. Both services seem to be an excuse to send spam mail. Raptr rarely worked properly anyway and in the end refused to log in to my account. They also caused conflicts with some of my games.


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