More Unspent Virtual Currency…

I was just complaining about not having anything on which I wanted to spend Station Cash, and now Sony Computer Entertainment America sends me a note to remind me to… well… please spend some of the funds on my PlayStation 3 account.

Dear Wilhelm

Dear Wilhelm…

Yes, I know, the PlayStation people actually use standard monetary units.  But you cannot get it back out again, so your “funds” in whatever currency might as well be Play Station Doubloons.

It would be nice if the two piles of Sony funds were not segregated, but as we saw with DC Universe Online, SCEA wants to protect its users from any interaction with the unwashed PC masses.

I wonder how much unused virtual currency I have sitting around?  SOE Station Cash, Play Station Network Funds, Turbine Points, World of Tanks gold, Need for Speed World Speed Boost, EA Play 4 Free Funds, Turbine Points, Runes of Magic Diamonds, Star Trek Online C-Store whatevers…

There might be a virtual fortune out there.

How about you?  How much virtual currency do you have sitting around?

7 thoughts on “More Unspent Virtual Currency…

  1. Eric Schoneveld (@ericscho)

    Hmmm let’s see, I got some money / points on my xbox account, not quite sure why I did that, probably wanted to buy some sort of game and added some extra ‘just in case’. There was money on my Blizzard account, from Diablo 3 sales, but used that to buy the Panda Wow expansion.

    Then I still have some station cash, also not quite sure where that came from, but am using that now in planetside II. And I got money in my Sony PS3 account also ‘just in case’ I see something I fancy, probably did that when I got the PS3 a while back.

    And thats about it, at least from what I know, who knows what else is out there :).


  2. Gorbag

    The only game I’ve ever bought fake money for is MWO. I’m firmly opposed to the whole concept, but I spend 15 bucks a month for MC because I want MWO to survive :) fake money is a scam, the companies who use it know it and we know it. It’s like gift cards, some 30% never gets spent.


  3. bhagpuss

    I managed to spend a couple of thousand of my 12k Station Cash in Vanguard the other day, on some very useful large bags.

    I was surprised and pleased to find on my recent re-visit to DCUO that my SC hoard is good there, too. If they put some furniture in the store that might be another few thousand spent.

    I think SC is the only virtual currency I’ve ever bought. I did by Mrs Bhagpuss some Gems in GW2 so she could get one of the Halloween items and I’m giving her some more for her birthday, but the GW2 store is ridiculously sparsely stocked and I haven’t felt the need to buy anything there yet. Ditto the TSW store.

    I’m amazed, frankly, at the thin, weak gruel most cash shops dish up. The Station Store at least has lots of things I could imagine buying. Most of the rest have nothing. For all the talk of cash shops ruining MMOs, I find them amazingly restrained. I’d *like* to give them more of my money but they have to come up with stuff I actually want first.


  4. NoAstronomer

    Does in-game gold count? ‘Cuz I have a ton of that in games I no longer play. Otherwise I have around a thousand Turbine points and a bit more Station Cash. Both seem likely to remain unspent.



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