Kill of the Day – The Cliff Diving BDR G1B

The match maker frowned upon us, and put Earl, myself, and Potshot at the bottom of the list on everybody’s favorite map, Dragon Ridge.

Earl, in his Grille, could hang back.  But Potshot and I were rolling in BDR G1Bs and needed to get into the thick of things to make a contribution.

We followed a T29 down one flank, hoping that we could use him as cover to get in our own shots.  However we ended up facing a host of enemies, and things did not end well.

Direct link here.  Best watched in a larger format.  Available up to 720p.

At the 15 second mark you can see my BDR exploding vigorously.

And then what appears to be a Chinese T-34-1 comes around and sends Potshot (who tanks under the nom de guerre 9Ball) to his demise.

The most dramatic death yet for Les Chars de Combustion.  No fire, just lots of water.

5 thoughts on “Kill of the Day – The Cliff Diving BDR G1B

  1. NoAstronomer

    8 – 7 – 8 – 6 – 7

    Man ,that Chinese judge is hard to please. A little more rotation would have helped with the scoring I think.



  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    A technical note on how I filmed this, a comment, and a question:

    Potshot sent me his replay file, which I then recorded with Fraps and turned into a video, with opening credits, in Windows Movie maker.

    One of the things that bothers me a bit about WoT is that you can only view replays made with the same version of the game you are running. I went to film a couple of other comedy moments I had in replays only to find out I could no longer view them.

    I saw in the forums somebody has created a utility to let you view replays from older versions, but the download package for it appears to be corrupted. I end up with a 0 byte .zip archive and Chrome tells me that the file is not streaming correctly. Has anybody downloaded this utility and used it successfully?

    [Okay, I got it figured out here.]


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