I’m Crushing Your VK!

Another comedy moment in World of Tanks, again on the Dragon Ridge map.

A VK3001P attempts to evade my KV-2 and a Black Prince by hiding in a gully. I show him what I think of that idea. Sure, our guns won’t depress that far, but gravity is on my side.

Direct link here. Again, probably best watched in a larger format.

You might be able to see in the text when I turn on the UI after the kill the VK’s response to this turn of events. (Jerk!)

This video was made possible by the RCpack for World of Tanks 8.3, a utility set that lets you watch replays from older versions of the game. Without it you are stuck watching only movies from the current release.

4 thoughts on “I’m Crushing Your VK!

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I do that “I’m crushing your head!” bit with my daughter every once in a while. She thinks it is funny, but has no idea where it came from.

    The same goes for “everybody in England has just one spoon.”


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