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Raptr Attempts to Sum Up My 2012 Gaming

Somebody must have reminded Raptr that a new year has arrived, as they just sent me a summary of my 2012 gaming as tracked by them.

Since tracking my gaming is pretty much the main reason for my using Raptr, I was interested to see what they had to say, even if the calendar was already well into February 2013.  (Compare this to World of Tanks, which sent out its 2012 summary in mid-December of 2012.  Which is better, early or late?)

Anyway, on to see what they had to offer.  It turned out to be just a few simple metrics.

It started with my top three most played games, out of the 36 games Raptr tracked me playing in 2012, and which were… not much of a surprise.


They happen to be the same games I have listed as “The Games I Play” on the sidebar of the blog, Rift, EVE Online, and World of Tanks, which ate up 71% of my Raptr tracked gaming hours.

Actually, World of Tanks might be a bit of a surprise, as I only went back to that with the 8.0 patch that included the big physics update.

Then again, I am not sure what else might have contended for third place.  It certainly wouldn’t have been Raptr’s most tracked game of 2012… which is also not much of a surprise.


I have gotten this far in life and have never played a Call of Duty game.  Shooters just aren’t my thing… except for tanks I guess.

A little more surprising is my achievements.  Well, sort of surprising.


I think it is mostly a reflection of the games that both have a lot of achievements and have their achievements wired into Raptr.   Rift’s achievements are not tracked by Raptr or I would guess that they would be on the top of the list.

As for the games, I did play a lot of Torchlight II.  Probably more than I played Diablo III.  And while I did not play a lot of World of Warcraft, the whole unification of achievements across characters meant that all of my tracked characters earned at least a few.  So WoW probably doesn’t belong on the list.

And Little Big Planet was all my daughter.  The PlayStation 3 account is tied into my Raptr and LBP was her game until Minecraft came along.

Raptr also let me know which was my rarest achievement among its users, which turned out to be a Defense Grid achievement.


Not as rare as all that I guess.

And then Raptr came up with a bit more data on when I actually played the most in 2012.

Most Played Times

My Most Played Times

I play on Saturdays.  That makes sense, what with the instance group and all.  I played the most in November of 2012.  And, November 17th was my busiest play day of the year.

Then they followed up with the same data for all users.

Most played times for everybody on Raptr

Most played times for everybody on Raptr

While Sunday was the busiest day of the week overall, not Saturday, the month of November lined up with my own busiest month and, oddly enough, November 17th was the most played date of 2012 over all, again matching my own profile.

Which makes me wonder, what was going on during that week that made Saturday, November 17th, 2012 such a busy gaming date?