Daily Archives: February 24, 2013

KV-1 Circle of Death

Another silly World of Tanks video.  This time, the durability of the KV-1 demonstrated.

On the Westfield map, I committed one of my usual errors and got too far ahead of the pack.  I was going to run down an impertinent T-28.  Instead I found myself getting flanked by a Hetzer and a Stuart who seemed determined to run around my back side.

Direct link to the video, so you can view it in a larger window.

That Wolverine that rammed the Hetzer about half way through… and died… helped me out some, though I am not sure why he didn’t just hang back and pop my two friends as they came around the circle.

In the end, I got the two kills and went on to get three more in the match, including that T-28 and a Grille.

However, my comrades in arms were not doing very well and I ended up getting swamped by the other team.