KV-1 Circle of Death

Another silly World of Tanks video.  This time, the durability of the KV-1 demonstrated.

On the Westfield map, I committed one of my usual errors and got too far ahead of the pack.  I was going to run down an impertinent T-28.  Instead I found myself getting flanked by a Hetzer and a Stuart who seemed determined to run around my back side.

Direct link to the video, so you can view it in a larger window.

That Wolverine that rammed the Hetzer about half way through… and died… helped me out some, though I am not sure why he didn’t just hang back and pop my two friends as they came around the circle.

In the end, I got the two kills and went on to get three more in the match, including that T-28 and a Grille.

However, my comrades in arms were not doing very well and I ended up getting swamped by the other team.

5 thoughts on “KV-1 Circle of Death

  1. pockie

    That’s pretty funny… did you edit out the UI in the video? It can’t be that you actually play without the UI showing right…

    I don’t get the ramming too, some people seem obsessed with it. I’ve had light tanks careen full speed into me just to 1-shot themselves whereas they could have done so much more if they had just gone behind. At higher tiers maybe they want to save the cost of ammo on low health targets but at tier 5… I’ve seen an ELC AMX drive straight into the side of a Maus, it was like an automobile crash test on a reinforced wall.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    With my WoT movies, I use the replays so I can turn off the UI and free up the camera to follow the action. My point of view was not interesting. I didn’t know that Wolverine got into the mix until I saw the replay. There are some minor issues with doing that… for example, our clan logo doesn’t appear on my tank. Oh noes!

    On all my heavies, my driver has the reduced impact skill that makes ramming less effective against me, which tends to add insult to injury when the ramming tank dies and doesn’t even scratch me.


  3. Sarzan

    Lordy, that medium driver was bad. Right idea, poor execution. He was too far away to circle you effectively and I never saw him track you at all. You played the whole thing pretty well.

    Spot on call on the Wolverine. That ‘sacrifice’ was a bit silly. After that encounter, what was the tank count? With his gun still in the game, I wonder if you might have won. If he shot at range, hull down or camo’d while you had most of the attention…

    Oh, never give up! Won a match yesterday in my Type 58 when all was thought lost. Ended up with 9 kills and 6 medals. Now if I can only figure out how to make videos…

    What software do you reccomend and why?


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Sarzan – If the Wolverine had survived and had let me lead the way (always a dubious prospect, though some TD drivers won’t dash far ahead and then call for help) he might have been able to get on the flank, at which point he could have helped me with the Mathilda BP that peppered me to death eventually.

    Here is how I do it, primarily because I have all these items handy. Recommendations are another thing. Somebody will probably point out a better way.

    I run with the Replays feature on, which leaves an ~1mb file on your system for each match. When I have an event I want to record, I launch Fraps then run the replay, unlocking the camera so I can cover the action as I record.

    I then bring the resulting video into Windows Live Movie Maker, which is limited in capabilities, but which is free and lets me do pretty much what I need to. In there I trim down the video and add an opening title. It will also upload the end product to YouTube.


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