Lord British Presents… Something in About a Week

What waits beyond for Lord British? lordbritishpresents.com

-@RichardGarriott March 01, 2013 (Tweet Deleted)

What waits beyond… beyond us waiting about seven days?  Nobody knows.

But you can give him your email address at his new web site if you want to make sure you get the update.

The count down to something...

The count down to something…

Not sure if he will be naming the location of his Ultimate RPG, talking about junk in his Ultimate Collectors Facebook game, or if this will be his all-in announcement about his relationship with Zynga.  The only hint is this drawing.

Somewhat Stone Hengie...

Somewhat Stone Henge-ish really

Could be Ultima continuation related I suppose, if not Ultima Forever.

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  1. Anonymous

    I always wondered what was so important about Boron…I agree with NoAstronomer that Oxygen is much more exciting.


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