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I finally made it up to the Jagdpanther in World or Tanks this past week, advancing me up another notch on the German tank destroyer line and giving me my second tier VII AFV along with the KV-3.

Desert Jagpanther

Desert Jagpanther

It took me a while to get to the Jagpanther, and not just because the climb from tier VI to tier VII is considerably steeper.  I did the KV-1 to Kv-2 and T-150 and then to the KV-3 in much less time.  It was more a matter of the Jagpanther’s predecessor, the Jagdpanzer IV, being a bit of a chore learning to use correctly.  After the quick and nimble StuG III, with its very accurate gun, the Jgpz IV with its slower speed and much more limited gun transverse took some getting used to.  The 88mm gun was nice.  It punched holes in things.  But its lesser accuracy meant that I had to get in closer to take shots.

Eventually I got used to it though and have played it a lot more recently, which got me to the Jagpanther.

In forest dot camo

In forest dot camo

Coming from the KV side of the world, I was keen to give the Jagpanther a try, as it is often out there making my life miserable.  They are not as common as the Soviet tank destroyers in my experience, though I think all those SU-122-44s tip the balance.

So I got out there in my first battle and got blown up pretty quickly.

No tank seems as invulnerable when you are driving it as when it is in the hands of your enemy.  Nor as deadly.

While the base tier 88mm gun was already researched for me, I have a ways to go before I can mount the upgraded version, which seems to be a survival requirement when you get thrown into matched heavy with tier IX vehicles.  I am currently the bounce king in those matches.  And, of course, there are suspension, engine, and radio upgrades to do as well, each of which takes more experience to get than it did to get my happy little StuG III back in the day.

Another new vehicle to conquer.

And I think our Les Chars de Combustion logo looks really nice on the front.