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Completionism in the Wayfarer Foothills

Guild Wars 2 passed the first major hurdle; I actually kept logging in after the first couple of days, something that I could not have guaranteed in advance.  There is plenty of precedent for buying a game and then playing it briefly before giving up.  I am for example, pretty sure at this point I have played as much, if not more, GW2 than I did the original Guild Wars.

I continued along with my previously indicated plan to basically hit all the designated points in the starter zone and managed to wrap that up.


I nearly did not get the last two skill challenge thingies… the blue up arrow points… as I ended up with adds that, along with the challenges themselves, brought me down before I completed them.

However, I guess skill challenges are like recreation league soccer, you get a trophy for just being there, as at some point later on I was awarded both of those challenges.

Actually, my guess is that somebody else went up to do them and that my contribution counted or some such.  Either way, I am glad I got them as there was a reward for completing all of the events in the zone.

Wayfarer Foothills Complete

Wayfarer Foothills Complete

For me, that was actually some serious coin and experience.  I am not sure what to do with the items, but the reward was enough that I went to Hoelbrak and finished up that annoying, Super Mario-esque jumping routine in order to get the last vista point on the map there.


All of which left me at level 16 and “done” with the first zone.  My personal story is already pointing into the next zone, so I am ready to go there.

This meanders a bit, so more after the cut.

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