Completionism in the Wayfarer Foothills

Guild Wars 2 passed the first major hurdle; I actually kept logging in after the first couple of days, something that I could not have guaranteed in advance.  There is plenty of precedent for buying a game and then playing it briefly before giving up.  I am for example, pretty sure at this point I have played as much, if not more, GW2 than I did the original Guild Wars.

I continued along with my previously indicated plan to basically hit all the designated points in the starter zone and managed to wrap that up.


I nearly did not get the last two skill challenge thingies… the blue up arrow points… as I ended up with adds that, along with the challenges themselves, brought me down before I completed them.

However, I guess skill challenges are like recreation league soccer, you get a trophy for just being there, as at some point later on I was awarded both of those challenges.

Actually, my guess is that somebody else went up to do them and that my contribution counted or some such.  Either way, I am glad I got them as there was a reward for completing all of the events in the zone.

Wayfarer Foothills Complete

Wayfarer Foothills Complete

For me, that was actually some serious coin and experience.  I am not sure what to do with the items, but the reward was enough that I went to Hoelbrak and finished up that annoying, Super Mario-esque jumping routine in order to get the last vista point on the map there.


All of which left me at level 16 and “done” with the first zone.  My personal story is already pointing into the next zone, so I am ready to go there.

This meanders a bit, so more after the cut.

Some of my initial impressions have continued.  I kept finding myself finishing up one little area and moving forward towards new places faster than I leveled up, which inevitably got me into trouble.  On the other hand, I could see doing open world areas as a group because of this I suppose.  With five of us scouring an area, it might go a bit more smoothly and group events could be taken in stride.

I was glad to see that my little corner of the server was not as deserted this past weekend as it was previously…  I guess everybody must have been watching the Oscars pre-show or some such… as I managed to follow some large groups into group events on a few occasions.

A mass event in the ice

A mass event in the ice

That actually got me to a couple of points of interest or vistas that I might have otherwise skipped.

I did do a little bit of mining and crafting.  I picked up the Jeweler discipline based on a recommendation in the previous comment thread, basically because, as was pointed out, I needed to fill some slots.  I think I figured it out for the most part, how to discover recipes and the like.  I guess that is no more odd than finding recipes on random mobs in the world, and is a quite a bit better than original EverQuest that had no recipes and which ate your materials if you guessed wrong.

Getting ahead of myself quite a bit meant I figured out the dying mechanics pretty quickly.

Fighting to survive... again

Fighting to survive… again

Again, something new… and yet something old.  There was an “incapacitated but not dead” state in TorilMUD and, if I recall right, early EQ as well, where you could save a person with a timely heal or bandage.

GW2 takes that state and makes it a bit more active.  Somebody can still revive you.  But  you can also… um… throw rocks at the mob killing you, and if you kill it you rally and revive.  This might just be a warrior thing.  Or you can essentially bandage yourself if somebody can keep the mob off of you.  Or there is vengeance, which is something of warrior saying, “screw this, if I am going to die I am going to take a few more with me” which revives you temporarily to fight, but you’re on a timer and you are going to die no matter what.

Of course, if you get out over your head, none of that is much good.  You’re probably going to die and have to go back to a waypoint or an instance checkpoint.

At least he won't heal while I'm away

At least they won’t heal while I’m away

However, in a close run battle, you can pull your chestnuts out of the fire if things go right.

I also fiddled around with weapon skills.  Again, as suggested, I picked up axes and got those skills.  The a greatsword.  And then I got a couple of guns as drops, so went down that path as well, which was fun.



Somebody will point out that I didn’t like blasters in SWTOR… or SWG… or guns in The Matrix Online for that matter.  I just don’t like standing toe to toe exchanging gunfire in a modern setting.  But it works for me in a fantasy setting.  I couldn’t tell you why, but that is the way it is.  Hunters in WoW, for example, were lots of fun.  So was this.

I still need to pick up a couple more weapon types to unlock.  And then there are under water weapons.  I seem to have a harpoon equipped and I have gotten a couple of spear guns as drops.  I just haven’t had the opportunity to play under water.

Over all, I have been able to figure out most of what I have needed so far.  I only had to Google one heart event, the one that involved trading items with the Jotun.  I didn’t quite get how to get my seed capital in stones, as the description talked about “items” but all the items in view were already owned.

Of the usual MMORPG annoyances, bag space is, of course, on the list.  There are lots of drops.  Items that are “junk” seem to be reasonably rare, which means that most of what I get has some value outside of just selling it to a vendor, but no immediate value to me.  There are, for example, lots of crafting drops.   I have taken to vendoring anything that isn’t related to jewelry crafting.

And even then my bags still fill up.  It looks like the items I collect for the heart quests remain after completion.  So, for example, I have a pile of those Jotun stones from the trading event still.  The event is complete for me.  I cannot sell them to a vendor.  Should I just destroy them?

I am also feeling the social dichotomy of the game. Many of the events are better with… or require… multiple players.  The lack of a formal grouping requirement for participation means that people often come together to tackle such events.

On the other hand, almost nobody talks.  I say things to people people all the time.  I thank them for reviving me yet again, or ask questions, or complement a job well done and hear very little in response.  I think it is just a matter of communication being unnecessary to complete such events.  Nobody needs to be grouped or needs a heal.  You can see who needs to be revived.  The bad guys are obvious.  Do you need me to draw you a diagram?  Oh, wait, there is one on the map.

As has been pointed out, forced grouping has its burdens, but complete freedom from such factors has its own cost as well.  I don’t know what the answer is, and I will probably complain about whichever factor is dominant in any given game.  But I can feel the absence.

The one social thing I did get was an invite to join a guild.  I logged in to find an invite for Defenders of the Perch.  However, I didn’t see any names in the guild I recognized, nor was there any accompanying information, so I… well, I couldn’t decline, so I just ignored it.  I like to know who I am joining before I join.  If that was somebody who recognized me in-game, sorry!

I also missed any social in the WvWvW environment.  I stumbled into that, but apparently picked the wrong map and ran around alone in one of the zones.  I found a few points of interest and a vista, but there didn’t seem to be much for me to stick around for.  And then I couldn’t figure out how to leave, so I just logged out.  That did the trick.  I will save the PvP experience for another time I guess.

So I am done with the first zone and ready to launch into Snowden Drifts for the next 10 levels.  I have poked my nose in already.  Time to get to work.

14 thoughts on “Completionism in the Wayfarer Foothills

  1. foodleech

    If you open your inventory and in the upper right there is a pull down where you can deposit crafting material into a crafting storage area. This will open your bag space and then you will still have all your crafting mats. You can also switch crafting at anytime. You don’t lose the levels that you have already done with jewelry. So that is why its good to save all the mats you can. You can also salvage items instead of vendoring them. You get more crafting mats then and there is also a meta achievement for salvaging items. I tend to vendor white items and salvage blue or higher, if i can’t equip them.


  2. João Carlos

    Ok, 2 things:

    1- Wayfarer Foothills is one of two zones the living content is happening (that minions spawning randomly at zone and that fortress that now exist at the north east part of the zone – that fortress was not there before last patch, se I guess next phase of living content that will be a new dungeon that will open). So, there is a reason why higher level players are returning there.

    Take note too that since last update the chests that spawn after the mega events now have good loot, so kill that ice shaman at Wyafare Foothills is good profit for max level players.

    2- With relation to inventory being full – for the sake of Great Alchemy, the humand gods, the animals totems or any divinity being your race believe, please…. you can transfer the items at your inventory instantly to your bank account from any place you are at Tyria…. you too can sell anything you have inside inventory to AH at any place… so, the inventory is full only because you want it…


  3. 18Rabbit

    The pull down menu is in your inventory screen, upper right hand corner and looks like a little gear. You can deposit all crafting items, compact your inventory (pushes everything to the top) and show or split bags so your inventory will appear as just one blob or as individual bags. You can also instantly sell anything that you want on the trading post by just right clicking on it in your inventory and click sell on trading post (or by hitting O and going to the sell option). You can’t pick up the cash till you actually go to an auctioneer but you can sell from anywhere. You’ll get a little more cash for tradeskill materials this way than from the vendor.


  4. mmojuggler

    ” I have a pile of those Jotun stones from the trading event still.”

    I’m not sure about this specific quest giver, but many of them conduct further trade (e.g. food items, crafting foods, etc.) with those items they sent you collecting.


  5. rimecat

    One other option on the crafting materiel is to right-click the individual object and select add to collections from the CSM. Convenient if you don’t want to add all your gems or the like. And when you do get to your bank to check the mats are not in the main back but in the collections tab. Upper left corner, looks like a set of squares.

    How do you feel about the game? I’ve found it to be a better casual experience than the competition but not very deep.


  6. bhagpuss

    As well as the “teleport mats to craft bank” option, if you’re short of cash GW2 is like every other MMO I’ve ever played in that you can get richer far faster selling mats to crafters than you can by crafting.

    Even very low level mats sell for good money on the TP, which as pointed out above you can access from anywhere from the lion face in the top left corner of the screen. As I write, with the game open and looking at prices, even the very lowest level items (Tiny Claw, Tiny Scale etc) are being bought for 45-55c each – that’s the “click me to sell” buy orders, not the going rate, which goes up from there. Out of T1 the prices per mat start to be measured in silver pretty quickly.

    Also, following on from the previous conversation on server populations, I’m wondering if your server really is one of the (by report very few) under-populated ones. On Yak’s Bend after last week’s (excellent in my opinion) loot fix, Wayfarer’s is so busy when the Maw event (that big one you did) takes off (which is about every 30 minutes) it’s pushing people onto Overflow, and because the event is so frequent lots of people don’t bother to leave between Maws. I just logged in tonight, well off-peak, and got put straight into Overflow from Frostgorge, another big ticket event zone. Starting to be a lot of complaints in Map about it being too busy for comfort.

    Darn! Now I ran out of parentheses.


  7. Mekhios

    “On the other hand, almost nobody talks.”

    Talking in an MMO? Doesn’t happen these days. ;)

    I only talk on Teamspeak with clanmates now.


  8. NoAstronomer

    I do wind up with a lot of quest items, like the Jotun stones, for quests I’ve completed. So far as I can tell you just junk them. Vendors don’t buy them and I don’t think you can sell them on the TP.

    The downed state is common to all classes. In fact many classes have a trait that improve damage or other effects while downed. I believe that warriors can trait for a skill that eliminates the automatic death penalty on vengeance – if they can kill something before the timer expires.



  9. Brian 'Psychochild' Green

    As mentioned, any class can “rally” if something is killed nearby. I also thought that there’s a slight chance you can avoid the guaranteed death with Vengeance as you kill things; there’s a percentage chance, which you can increase with a trait.

    Interesting to see someone else’s perspectives on the game. :)


  10. Aufero

    If you stick with the game, you’ll see a whole lot more jumping puzzles. They’re not terribly difficult as jumping puzzles go, (nothing like Psychonauts, for instance) but they’re often required for zone completion.

    Also, underwater combat is pretty buggy. It’s gotten a bit better – when the game first launched, about 50% of underwater fights ended with the mob bugging out because it couldn’t figure out how to attack you from melee range. Still pretty annoying at times, unless you’re playing a class with decent underwater ranged attacks.


  11. NoAstronomer

    Just to clarify my earlier statement… All classes have a downed state, but the abilities each class has while downed vary. Only warriors get Vengeance.



  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @NoAstro – Yeah, I figured they all had downed states, but it seemed to me that they might not all be the same for each class, which is what I was trying (unsuccessfully) to get across by calling them out as being for the warrior. The ones the warrior has wouldn’t necessarily make sense for a mesmer. But since I have only really played the warrior, that was just a theory for me.


  13. Jenks

    Nobody talking is the extremely predictable reason I never bought GW2. Depending on my mood, I laughed or sighed every time I saw someone post about how innovative the grouping is. These are the same people who love the dungeon finder in WoW (and probably many other games by now). Compared to the days of yore when you established relationships with other people on your server to get groups, it’s just boring, easy mode junk that falls perfectly in line with the “run to the next xp hub!” gameplay.

    Why are these games multiplayer at all?


  14. Solf

    After the whole buy/no-buy battle waged after you’ve already bought the game, I’m extremely curious now as to how far you’ll get in GW2 before getting bored :) Time will tell :)


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