End of an EON – Another Gaming Magazine Bites the Dust

The CCP Dev Blog reports that EON, the official EVE Online magazine, will be no more.

Another victim of the digital age.

Tier 3 Battlecruiser Issue

Tier 3 Battlecruiser Issue

Editor in Chief Richie “Zapatero” Shoemaker wrote, in part:

Issue #030 of EON magazine, which we released as a digital publication in January, is going to be the last issue ever. In spite of continued efforts to reverse a trend of dwindling interest in our little publication, there just weren’t enough copies flying off the shelves. We can debate the whys and wherefores until the end of time, but the simple truth is that after eight years of going where no magazine has been before, the adventure has come to an end. All good things, and all that…

30 issues, sent out at about four issues a year, isn’t a huge legacy to leave behind.  I have nearly half of the total output of the publication, having subscribed on and off over the last few years.

I actually resubscribed last year at about the time they were separating the sales of EON from the EVE Online store in order to give MMM, the publisher, more flexibility in doing sales and promotions.  The subscription was half price to celebrate the change.

Half Off Sale

Half Off Sale

A little less that a year ago, EON announced that they were finally going to issue a digital version of the magazine, no doubt in hope of goosing sales some.

Now, however, the time has come.  Another gaming magazine calls it quits.  I seem to have a collection of dead magazines around the house, including the official World of Warcraft Magazine, which died after five issues, a couple of false starts from SOE attempting to create a print magazine, EQuinox and some other one I forget the name of at the moment, Massive Magazine, which made it to two issues, and probably a few more.

So making it to 30 issues around something of a niche game seems to be doing pretty well, especially when compared to other similar ventures.

You can argue about whether the content was good or timely or reflected enough of the community and whether it was worthwhile for an EVE Online player to subscribe.  Was there anything there that you couldn’t get online quicker and for free?

But I will say this.  The magazine always looked damn good.  It was a glossy, bound on heavy paper, attractively laid out physical manifestation of the game that you could hand to a non-player and say, “Oh, here is that game I was talking about.”

EON, you looked marvelous!

And the old issues, which are probably more valuable as an archival history of the game at this point, will continue to look good even as the magazine passes, as Zapatero wrote in his closing:

In years to come, may you pull an issue from the shelf, blow away the cobwebs and remember what EVE was once like. Until then, fly safe.


Editor, EON (ret.)

Meanwhile, the EON Store is having an “Everything Must Go!” sale between now and March 31st.  You can get the whole EON Magazine collection for $50 plus shipping.  So act now if you want to have a shiny reminder in you old age of what EVE Online once was.

I will have to see how many issues of the magazine I am missing.  And I’ll keep watching their blog, just to see if there are any last updates.

8 thoughts on “End of an EON – Another Gaming Magazine Bites the Dust

  1. HarbingerZero

    $50 for hardcopies of 29 of the 30 issues (#12 is out of stock), or ~$250 for digital copies of all 30. Pricing was always the struggle with EON, though there’s a good chance that the high price kept them afloat this long, so who am I to judge?


  2. flosch

    Drat and double-drat!

    First drat for EON, whose credit it probably is that I played EVE longer than I would’ve otherwise.

    Second drat for being late with the news again. Just got my notification mail, and thought this would make a good blog post.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Flosch – Oh, it still can be a good blog post. You can add what EON meant to you. You can accept that there is not a 100% overlap between our readership. Or you can just use my excuse about trying to a timeline by noting significant events in one place. There is plenty of room in the blogesphere for multiple perspectives on the same story.

    I actually didn’t get the email from EON until this morning. I only saw the dev blog post.


  4. gwjanimej

    At one point, I had an issue of EON lying around that I’d gotten from a guy, and what struck me was the production value of the magazine; it was insanely high. Definitely sad to hear that it’s gone.


  5. flosch

    @Wilhelm: well, I’m not sure it made a great blog post, but I had some time over lunch break, and at this point, I figured, any post is better than none ;)


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