Churchill Slap Fight

Back when I first bought the Churchill III in World of Tanks, I was figuring out how I should fight it when I came up against opposing heavy tanks.

Here, in one of my early battles, I try to come to grips with a Churchill I.

(Direct link to the video to view larger versions.)

Clearly, going head to head wasn’t the best solution.

Going around the back though…

4 thoughts on “Churchill Slap Fight

  1. scotth

    You should be able to pen the turret with that gun. The turret has less armour than the hull from the front.


  2. Drebin

    The gun mantle (sp?) is apparently thicker then the turret armour gives credence to. This is pretty common in the British tanks.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I know now to go for specific weak spots. Head to head with a KV-1 like that, I have a decent chance of winning by going for the vision slit in the frontal armor. Probably get a driver kill along the way with that.


  4. Sarzan

    I never really used sidescraping or reverse angling till I played the Brittish tanks with their mostly flat front armor. Look into this tactic. There is a great video on YouTube that is good at showing you how to do it in great detail. The churchills and Bp are perfect tanks for this technique.


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