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A Carnival in Telara, A Random Dungeon for Us

It was Saturday night and for the first time since early January the whole group was home, awake, online, and ready to play.


Somehow we have managed to not all connect for almost three months.

That has lead to some alternate diversions.  Cars.  Tanks.  Forgotten Realms.

But with all of us back online together, it was time to head back into Rift.  We all logged in and grouped up, ending up with the following rosters.

  • Jollyreaper level 51 mage
  • Zahihawass level 51 cleric
  • Hillmar level 51 cleric
  • Earlthecat level 52 warrior
  • Gizalia level 53 mage

The question, of course, was what to do.

More after the cut.

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Lord British Says He Was Taken Out of Context!

Mistakes were made and the gaming press took advantage!

Lord British points to his Facebook page, which in turn points to a PDF document, where he back peddles about what he really meant when he said what he said.

What he meant was game design is difficult and hard to learn.

What he apparently did NOT mean was that he was the best game designer he ever met, that game designers are, by and large, unqualified for their jobs and “suck,” and that every game designer he has ever worked with has been lazy.  Any phrases that might have indicated such were taken out of a context not apparent to you, the reader.

Please do not let the fact that Lord British was made to appear to call most game designers lazy, unqualified scrubs deter you from supporting his Kickstarter project.

(Document saved locally here, just for posterity: Words Taken Out of Context)