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The Seductive Comfort of Azeroth

Blizzard sent me a note at some point early last week inviting me to come back to World of Warcraft for seven days, free of charge.  As is my wont, I set WoW to patch, just in case I decided to take them up on this offer.  After all, what else is my computer going to do all night alone?


The offer is apparently good for anybody with an account that has been inactive since last month at some point and lasts through April 2nd of this year.

That patched, I went on with my normal routine until Sunday afternoon, when I hit what Douglas Adams referred to as “the long dark tea time of the soul.”

I had cleaned up a bit around the house.  I had successfully gotten my daughter outside for a bit of sunlight and exercise.  I had completed stage one of the spring cleaning plan for my office, which determined that there was, in fact, a solid surface beneath all of those papers on my desk.  I had taken all the baths and shot all the tanks that one usefully could.  Now I was pottering around, looking for something to do.

Or, more specifically, a game to play.  I had an hour or two of calm and quiet.  I just wanted to get absorbed and carried off for a bit.  Some immersion was called for.  Generally swinging a sword does that for me.

The problem was that, as far as fantasy MMORPGs went, I was facing road blocks of one sort or another all over.

The level 15+ zones in Guild Wars 2 haven’t been cutting it.  My enthusiasm there is waning quickly.

In Rift I have found no real passion for the Storm Legion zones.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I enjoyed 1-50, but 51-60 just isn’t capturing me.  Even after the previous nights adventures, I had no interest in getting to level 52.  It feels like a grind.

In the various versions of Norrath my characters are all looking for new routes forward, which means work not play.

And… well… you know where this is heading.  But what happened when I went there?

More after the cut.

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