Is Your WoW Knowledge Hardcore Enough?

The fact that they are going to make a World of Warcraft version of Trivial Pursuit pulls me in several directions.

The first is, how mainstream is WoW now?

Ages ago I did a post about signs that would indicate that it was becoming so… and some have come to pass.  There was a WoW related question on Jeopardy. (Who was Leroy Jenkins?)  There was already a WoW version of Monopoly.

Define the Grind

Define the Grind

There hasn’t been a cartoon made about it yet, but that will likely come if the movie turns out to be a success.

On the other hand, I was getting the vibe… completely unsubstantiated… that perhaps WoW’s cultural influence might be waning.  I credit this to the failure to create a loveable Pikachu-like spokes-thing for the franchise.

But with a movie still under way and pandas still running rampant, maybe its influence could still expand.

The second is, what kind of questions will they have?

Fortunately, they have the categories laid out already.  They are Geography, Player Characters, Lore, Loot, Villains, and Encounters.

There seems, to me, to be a lot of potential overlap in Player Characters, Lore, Villains, and Encounters.  I would probably be okay with Geography, but the rest…

And, finally, who would you play with?

This is some seriously arcane trivia we’re talking about here.  600 question worth.  I can see my daughter and I sitting around and missing question after question on this, even after years of exposure to the game. (Unlike, say, a Star Wars version of Trivial Pursuit, which I think we would rock, because the one thing the LEGO Star Wars game teach you is trivia.)

Anyway, it is “Quick Play” version of Trivial Pursuit… whatever that means… it is coming out in September, and it suitable for 2 to 36 players ages 12 and up according to the press blurb.  And it comes with baby murloc player tokens.  That might be the best bit right there.

4 thoughts on “Is Your WoW Knowledge Hardcore Enough?

  1. bhagpuss

    I predict that if the movie a) ever actually gets made and released and b) is a hit WoW will have a terrifying renaissance. Even now the rumors of its decline appear to be more wishful thinking on the part of certain commentators than reality, but a blockbuster movie could push the franchise into entirely new territory.

    In the way that the movies have long since ceased to be the most important part of the Star Wars phenomenon, so WoW could outgrow its foundations, leaving its origins in some ancient computer game largely forgotten.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Not an unprecedented phenomena. Pokemon has a long running TV show, a bunch of movies, and a hugely popular trading card game. With that, I sometimes have to remind myself that it was the crude GameBoy game that started the whole thing back in 1996. For a lot of people, the actual video game doesn’t even play a part in the world of Pokemon.


  3. *vlad*

    I’ve already played a form of WoW Trivial Pursuit in Stormwind. There’s an add-on (or used to be) that would /say questions out loud, and keep track of who answered correctly and how fast. It always drew a crowd.

    As for Trivial Pursuit itself, I have to say the game is just too boring for me. I like quizzes, but the endless dice rolling and moving counters backwards and forwards is tedious; just read out the questions, and put the board and the rest back in the box, m’kay?

    As far as a WoW film, let’s hope it’s not as dire as any of the D&D films were.
    If the film is decent, then WoW’s profile will get a big boost in the public consciousness; if it’s crap then people will be all too ready to write it off as something only for nerds and geeks, and the game too.


  4. Matt

    The first is, how mainstream is WoW now?

    My impression is less than it used to be, which accords with yours. IMO, WoW’s popularity peaked in the late TBC/Wrath period, and then through a combo of people getting bored and the disaster of Cataclysm, it became passe in the public mind in the “People still play that?” kind of sense.

    The movie could revitalize the fortunes of the Warcraft brand, or maybe “vitalize” is a better word, but I doubt it will do much for WoW specifically. Right now, you either know a lot about WoW, probably because you played it, or you are generally aware that it exists but don’t know anything of substance other than “there are orcs and dragons” Many people actually seem to be under the impression that WoW is some sort of realistic shooter ala Call of Duty, but I digress. In any case, there isn’t a very large “border group”, people who know some stuff but aren’t all in. People like me vis-a-vis Iron Man or something–seen the movies so I have some idea of the character and what he is supposed to be, but never read a single Iron Man comic so I wouldn’t be much use at an Iron Man convention. The movie might have the effect of creating such a group, if it is successful (big if)


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