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Wrapping Up My Seven Days of Azeroth

I wrote some about my return to the comforts of Azeroth last week, but I still had a couple more days in which to play.  So I spent a bit of time wrapping up the zone now known as Northern Stranglethorn Vale.

I finished up all the quests from the rebel camp and the Nesignwary compound, the latter earning me the Green Hills of Stranglethorn achievement.  However, with achievements shared across characters, I technically had it already.

I am not sure about how I feel on the achievement sharing change.  On the one hand I am happy enough not feeling like I should repeat some of them or being able to divide up the burden between among characters.  On the other hand, each characters story is mixed in with the others.

After those two quest hubs, there is a third down at the south end of the zone where I got in the remaining few quests for the zone achievement.


That is one I did not have before.

I actually stuck around for one final quest, Be Raptor.

Go on, be Raptor

Go on, be Raptor

That was kind of a cute one.  You take control of a small raptor who has to escape from Zul’Gurub.  I am not generally fond of quests that make you be somebody other than your character, but this one was simple enough.  You have to get through a couple stages of evading to escape.  But if you fail, you only go back to the start of a given stage rather than the whole thing again.  I eventually escaped and collected a bit of upgraded equipment.  You get some nice blue equipment as choices.

At that point I was done with Northern Stranglethorn and needed a new place to go.  The quest givers handed me a quest to head south into the cape, which is the southern half of what was once Stranglethorn Vale.  However, given how far ahead of the zone I managed to get in levels, I thought I had better seek something closer to my level.

So I headed back to Stormwind to see what the big board had to say.

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