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March in Review

The Site

WordPress.com decided to give us some color in their “visits by country map.”

Actually, we had color, but the choices were limited.  Basically, it was red-orange, orange, or beige.

Visitors from around the world

Visitors from around the world

The map has changed a bit and we have a bit broader spectrum of colors.

A more colorful world

A more colorful world

But Greenland is still appears larger than South America or Africa.  Damn Mercator projection!  What does that say about WordPress.com?

It has also been a little over a year since WordPress.com started tracking this sort of thing, so I thought I would compare the top 10 countries they list with what my Flag Counter side-bar widget shows.

WordPress / Flag Counter

  1. United States / United States
  2. United Kingdom / United Kingdom
  3. Canada / Canada
  4. Germany / Australia
  5. Australia / Germany
  6. Sweden / Netherlands
  7. Netherlands / Sweden
  8. France / France
  9. Brazil / Poland
  10. Poland / Brazil

It is the same ten countries with some difference in the ranking after the third position.  So I guess that means that one is about as accurate as the other.  Or something.

One Year Ago

The family and I went and visited the USS Iowa while it was docked up in Richmond.

April Fools spirit hit Wargaming.net a little early.

It only seemed like Zynga was desperate a year back.

I took a quick peek back into Need for Speed: World.

Raptr said I could be the top WoW player they tracked… if I just played another 18,999 hours.

I also rolled a new character on a new server in LOTRO because… why not?

In EVE voting commenced and The Mittani won the chairmanship of the CSM 7 by a large margin.  And then he named names during his alliance talk and was removed from CSM 7 and banned from EVE for 30 days.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we were being taunted by a LEGO Rifter that we were doomed never to see and Derek Smart was telling everybody DUST 514 was doomed to fail.

Meanwhile, the war in the north was heating up again even without The Mittani.  The CFC was picking up systems in Tenal as bases of operation for the upcoming offensive.  Then there was the bloodbath at C-J6MT.

In Rift, we had a couple of runs at the Foul Cascade.

EverQuest turned 13 and went free to play.  That saw more than a few of us run in to give it a try.  Fall nostalgia in the Spring.  We ran the tutorial, tried out mercenaries, and created a guild.  I am not sure what became of our little group.  Nostalgia is like that.

It was also announced that Vanguard would be going free to play as well.  While on the Fippy Darkpaw server, LDON and LoY went live… I think.

Then I was trying to find another blog name that used the TAGN acronym as a setup for an April Fools joke.  That totally fell flat.

And, finally, I attempted to bring together as many memories from the early days of Air Warrior as I could.

Five Years Ago

I was again ruminating about the whole “Why So Much Fantasy in MMORPGs?” thing, this time on the shores of chaos.

We started to see the end of the “Brent hand picks the news” era over at VirginWorlds.  The reign of myself and CrazyKinux was near to an end.

I got a Nintendo DS Lite and my own copy of Pokemon Diamond for my birthday!

EverQuest celebrated its 9th anniversary.  A very nice time line print of the game was posted over at the EQ Dev blog to celebrate, along with a video.

In Lord of the Rings Online some sites were speculating about future expansions.  And then Turbine announced The Mines of Moria!  Meanwhile, I was trying to give out some founder’s referrals.  I think I still have one or two of those left.

In World of Warcraft, patch 2.4 was the latest end-of-the-world panic.  I was trying out Alterac Valley trying to get a mount, not reading that I needed to get exalted reputation to buy it.  Meanwhile the instance group made it to Shattrath and then hit the Blood Furnace while my wife and her friends were drinking apple-tinis.

Official forums were the talk again for a bit, as Marc Jacobs said he wasn’t going to have them for Warhammer Online.  No, the Warhammer Herald (to be created in the image of the Camelot Herald) was going to be enough.  Well, we know how that worked out.

And, finally, five years ago Gary Gygax left us.  We still miss him because we still feel his influence every day.

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Search Terms of the Month

heir to the empire audiobook
[I have that!]

bond almost dies
[Every Bond movie ever]

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[Every EVE Online day ever}

churchill i with 100% crue

whats a goon in ancient rome
[Mittanicus Maximus?]

how mcuh isk poer hour can a hulk make?
[How is Veldsparr formed?]

EVE Online

I got in on an op early on in the month, when I was able to use my freshly finished logistic skills to fly my Oneiros at last.  And then there were the homeland defense fleets at the end of March.  However, the rest of the month was mostly passing on fleets where I did not have an appropriate ship handy, skill training, and figuring out what I want do to next in EVE.

Guild Wars 2

Well, that lasted a couple of weeks.  Didn’t hate it, just stopped feeling the need to play it once I hit the next set of zones.  Pretty much the same response I had with the original.  There is probably a lesson in that.  Anyway, I should probably explore the why of that at some point.

Neverwinter Nights 2

We played a bit of this in the Saturday night group.  It went from awkward to fun, and then we stopped playing.  We now have this odd fragmentation on Saturday night where what we play depends on who shows up.  I should make a Venn diagram.


Hey, we actually played some Rift.  Maybe we will carry on here and actually start in on the Storm Legion instances.  And speaking of Storm Legion, I am trying to figure out why I have no real enthusiasm for the expansion.  It was supposed to be bigger, better, and bolder or some such, right?

World of Tanks

Tanks keep rolling.  This is one of the subset of the instance group games.  I am chugging along towards my tier IX goal.  Russian heavies and German tank destroyers are the thing.

World of Warcraft

I played it for seven days and had about six and a half days of fun.  The last half day was less fun, and managed to convince me that I really did not have to subscribe to the game again.

Coming Up

Well, it is April Fools tomorrow, so tradition dictates that I post something about Blizzard’s jokes.  I have nothing planned for the site.  No, really.  The best I could come up with was to change the theme to something silly, and I think I’ve already done that, or change the site name to “Triaminoguanidine Nitrate” or some such.

I expect there will be a couple of posts about games I am not playing.  And the whole Kickstarter thing going on now with Shroud of the Avatar and Camelot Unchained.  I hope Mark Jacobs holds off until April 2 to launch his.  Too much risk of confusion on April 1.

And we are coming up to the 1 year anniversary of the Burn Jita event last year in EVE Online.  I wonder if there will be any follow up on that?