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What is it with Me and Storm Legion?

I think that you could make an objective case that I enjoy… or enjoyed… playing Rift.

The instance group and our semi-weekly adventures in Telara aside, I actually spent enough time playing the game that I ended up with four level 50 characters, one from each of the main classes.  That means I worked on getting a mage up to level cap, and I rarely ever play mage classes.  Clerics, always, warriors often, rogues sometimes, but mages?  A very rare moment indeed!

And it is a truth I have known about myself for a long time, that I may express enthusiasm for something, but the only real test to whether that is true or not is my behavior.  Saying I like Rift is one thing, logging in and getting three characters to level cap, outside of my group character, that is solid proof that it is so.

I also have done a lot of the events.  I ran through the Autumn Harvest festival enough to get a mount for Hillmar, my main.

Another mount!

Hillmar’s mount… and hat!

And also did it enough to get a mount for my mage… because I felt that it completed his “look.”

The spider mount is his "look"

The spider mount is his thing

A simple look at the map from the original pre-expansion world shows that I have been most everywhere.

I am missing some portals on this character

I am missing some portals on this character

So with all of that, I should have been all set to carry on with the Storm Legion expansion.  I subscribed for a year in advance to get the expansion at no additional cost.  I went on the pre-launch Storm Legion tour.  I was riding around on the pre-order mount.  I was there and patching on launch day.

And now, almost five months later, where do I stand?  Let’s see after the cut.

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