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Finding Some Challenges in the Deepstrike Mines

Despite my issues with Storm Legion, the group continues to form up and wander Telara on Saturday nights.  We managed it again last Saturday, though again we were short a person.  This time Jolly was traveling, which left us with the following group:

  • Zahihawass level 51 cleric
  • Hillmar level 51 cleric
  • Earlthecat level 52 warrior
  • Gizalia level 53 mage

And, of course, as we have done in previous weeks, we spent a bit of time working on the Carnival of the Ascended.  The balloon bursting raid was out in full force again, and several of us picked up our last doubloon, which allowed us to get the new mount… and some other items.

Hillmar and Zahi play dress up on new mounts

Hillmar and Zahi play dress up on new mounts

With that it was time to decide where to head next.  With only four people we were once again unable to use the LFG tool to magically transport us.  We would have to walk, which prompted us to pick some place we were reasonably sure we could find.  I opened up the map and looked for the next closest dungeon, which happened to be Deepstrike Mines over in Stonefield.

We took the portal to Granite Falls, the main town in the zone, and got ready for another run in expert mode.

More after the cut.  The usual too many pictures, too many words, too many spoilers follow.

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