Shroud of the Avatar Comes in Just Over Two Million Dollars

Lord British is no doubt celebrating this morning, having finished up his 30 day run on Kickstarter with a last minute surge of donations, bringing the grand total of donations to $2,030,676, averaging about $88 per backer.  That is double is initial $1 million goal.

NOT the official drink of Kickstarter

NOT the official drink of Kickstarter

That number includes the totals from the Kickstarter page and money raised on the official game site from those who wanted to use PayPal.

From the official site

From the official site

I am not sure why somebody would find Amazon payments objectionable, but then be fine with PayPal, but I guess at least 775 people could answer that question, and they have 111,401 reasons on their side.

Anyway, this means that the $2 million stretch goal has been met.

That is a long list

That is a long list

And, as these things now go, just because it is over doesn’t mean it is actually over.  Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity Kickstarter funded, but then let people put in some money late with their “slack backer” program on their official site. so you can get in on some aspect of the action on a Kickstarter than funded back in October.

I have also seen several Kickstarter campaigns that let you upgrade your tier after the fact, raking in a few extra dollars.   And, even as I am writing this, people have added more money to the Shroud of the Avatar project via PayPal.  But I have updated the dollar amount above three times already.  I am just going to leave it where it is for now.

And speaking of now, now is when the wait begins.  The money is being collected.  The goals are set.

When will something come of all of this?

One of the more common complaints about Kickstarter is about projects not meeting their timeline.  The estimated date for the launch of the first of five episodes of the game is October 2014.  I guess we will see in about 18 months how accurate that estimate was along with how much communication continues from Lord British and company post-campaign.  Communication can alleviate some of the frustration people will feel when the project inevitably slips.

And, most important of all, with the unwieldy name of Lord British’s Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, can we just shorten that to “SotA” and pronounce is as “soda?”

Meanwhile, the Camelot Unchained Kickstarted campaign is five days in and just shy of the $900K mark on the path to the $2 million goal as I write this.  It is bringing in an average of $157 per back at this point, but appears to have hit that first plateau after a very quick initial run up.  We will have to see what Mark Jacobs and team has up their sleeve to keep that dollar amount climbing.

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