Camelot Unchained: Mark Makes a Million

I was just peeking in to see how the Camelot Unchained Kickstarted campaign was doing when the screen updated from $996K to one million dollars.  Mark Jacobs is no doubt a happy man at the moment.

April 10, 00:20 UTC

April 10, ~00:20 UTC

That puts the campaign at the half way point just eight days in, which was a bit faster than Shroud of the Avatar made it to the million dollar mark.

The big difference is that Lord British had made his goal at that point.  There is still a long climb to go here.

Then again, Shroud of the Avatar pulled in a nice chunk of change at the last minute, pushing it past the two million mark.

So we shall see.

In the mean time, Mark spent his last update answering yet more questions.

5 thoughts on “Camelot Unchained: Mark Makes a Million

  1. Isey

    I’m completely torn on this. The DAOC fan in me wants this to work – the WAR debacle makes me want this to not get funded. I’m such a flip-flopper on this one =)


  2. Stabs

    Isey, don’t be bitter, At the end of the day it’s a good thing that the game industry gets work, that a lot of people get experience and a project they can point to as impressive and that customers have a chance to belief in their beloved MMO again. And it’s funded out of nothing, stray cash that people feel like spending, that otherwise would have got spent on novelty toilet seats or car ornaments.

    One never quite knows what goes on behind closed doors at big MMO projects. I suspect MJ fought at one point for three faction pvp and was firmly told by the suits to make it more WoW-like. Although he carries the can in public seems unlikely that someone who loved DAOC, someone who got DAOC, would decide unilaterally that the way to make a RvR game in 2007 is to make a WoW clone.


  3. Sid 6.7

    The average is $160 per backer for Camelot. Whereas, for Shroud it’s around $87 per backer. So is MJ simply getting a bigger donations per person or does he have some really big individual donations?

    I can understand the $100 donation. It’s the idea that people may be donating $1000s without any ownership equity that I find mind-boggling.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Both Shroud and CU have $5K and $10K backers.

    It looks like Shroud got 16 backers in that range, while CU already has 27 at this point. For $5K you get your own custom island or inn with CU, which actually sound pretty neat. Not $5K neat… not for me in any case… but maybe for somebody where money is less of a constraint.


  5. Isey

    I wouldn’t call it bitterness =) It’s only good if they actually get a job and keep it (most WAR workers didn’t!) but yeah, I wouldn’t call it bitterness. A better word is probably.. umm.. skepticism.


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