Ignore Burn Jita? Is That Your Plan?

You know, we are burning Jita again in just a couple of days.

And when I say “we,” I mean our coalition, the CFC.  The people in the north end of null sec space, which consists of Goonswarm and its friends and allies.

People set to murder you in Jita

I am pretty sure that is right

Seriously.  It was announced a while ago.  I noted it down in my calendar right here… “April 19 through 21, get latest version of Fraps downloaded, Burn Jita.”

Only nobody seems to be be talking about it.

Was April 1st a bad day to put up that notice?

Maybe I am not looking in the right places… I know I rarely look in the official forums, and I only stray into Kugu when I know there is something to see… but still, it seems like there ought to be more noise.

Last year Burn Jita was controversial.  People were talking about it, blogs posts were up all over the place discussing it, counter events like “Defend Jita” were being planned.  The day it kicked off it made the real world news.  My video from the Jita 4-4 undock may be the most popular “exploding spaceships/Red Army Choir” mash-up Poland has ever seen due to the scope of the event.

Stuff Exploding on the 4-4 Undock

Stuff Exploding on the 4-4 Undock

Afterwards everybody claimed victory, while CCP crowed about how great such player operations were.

Back in November I was wondering if the Retribution expansion, with its changes to bounties and such, would impact how another Burn Jita might play out.

Little did I suspect that the whole thing would get overshadowed by the elections for the Galactic Student Council… and given how low key that has been over the last few weeks, it is like getting overshadowed by dandelion.  Ironic that a sandbox game should have a sandbox parliament.

What is going on?  What does this lack of excitement and outrage portend?

Will people be even more surprised… and then outraged, by turns, at Goons, CCP, and online gamers in general… because of the quiet run up to the event?  Will exploding freighters and industrials jar people out of their sense of complacency?

Or have things like the ongoing MiniLuv freighter ganking, the Hulkageddon forever, and the miner bumping hijinks of James_315 made this seem… just part of the norm?

The whole thing is kicking off on Friday… which, EVE time, is 5pm Thursday at my house… or possibly sooner.  When people pile up hundreds of ships, it is hard to make them wait.

Will this be an epic event that captures the attention of the community or will it just be another day living next door to the Goons?

Addendum 4/19 – An update to the scrawls on the map in the post. In a fleet last night it was mentioned that Fatal Ascension has told its members not to participate in Burn Jita.  They are the tangerine blob in Fade and Pure Blind on the map.

This may be because TEST, with whom they have had issues in the past, has thrown in and is coming to the party. However, intel last night indicated that TEST might have missed a jump somewhere and ended up burning Amarr for a bit.

And RvB seems to be in for some fun as well, planning to shoot gankers and do some ganking of their own it seems.

10 thoughts on “Ignore Burn Jita? Is That Your Plan?

  1. Agnar Volta RvB

    IN the past there was a big buzz about Burn Jita, it was new, it was fresh, nobody knew what will happen after, how long it would take, etc…

    Now it’s old, it’s the same as last time, we know that for a weekend some freighters will die and nothing will change. Jita will still be there, not even the prices will be affected. A few treads bragging on the forums from the goons, half a dozen from trolls pretending to be pissed to get some flames, and 2 or 3 genuine people that lost some stuff complaining.

    The sandbox now is too big even for goons.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Unintentional ambiguity: Over the HBC area it says “And probably some of the people over here” but I now realize that it isn’t clear if I meant they were going to come help murder people in Jita or if they were on the list to get murdered as well.

    I kind of like that.

    [Ambiguity cleared up by my 4/19 addendum.]


  3. Mekhios

    I think there is more excitement about the Miner Bumping guys than anything else in the game at the moment. They are killing miners in the hundreds and on a daily basis in a continuous campaign stretching back almost a year now.

    The best part is reading about the miner tears on the miner bumping website. The guy called “Mine Teck” in particular has caused a huge amount of amusement as they recorded a meeting with him in TeamSpeak. Funniest thing I have listened to in a long time in EvE.

    Looking forward to Hulkageddon. Will have to drag out my cloaky salvager and steal some loot from the resulting wrecks.


  4. Bored

    Burn Jita, irrelevant but to the few involved or caught.

    Just a sad re-hash lacking imagination and one of the ongoing attempts to keep your F1 Monkeys interested in the world of play fights and foot rubs you created in Null.


  5. James C. Causey Jr. (@attikusf)

    As shown above, The New Order is making sure it’s all about them now. But anyway……

    Burn Jita has had all of one thread in GD, that dropped off page 1 a week ago. There has indeed been a lack of publicity concerning it. Until there is more ‘hoopla’, people seem to be assuming that it’s not going to be that big of a deal (and so far it doesn’t sound like it).


  6. Kobeathris

    I think the ante really needs to be upped. It shouldn’t just be burn Jita, it should be a JiHAD – Jita, Hek, Amarr, and Dodixie.


  7. Afk Mining is bäääh

    Yep, Hek/Traun etc is so calm, no one cares about Bumber, Burn Jita or this James nonsense. Burn Jita just means that we are making more money in the others Hubs xD


  8. Aufero

    Odd. The only Eve news I’ve seen lately has been about the CSM elections. You’d think my usual news sources would have been at least slightly interested in another Burn Jita event…

    Now that I know about it, I’m looking forward to it. Last year’s carnage was entertaining – it’s hard to believe anyone who spends much time in Jita wouldn’t like to see it burn occasionally.


  9. Anonymous

    Goonswarm is actually a front-end of CCP, who’s only interest is to kill more ships and drive up PLEX prices.


  10. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anon – CCP has said in the past that high PLEX prices are actually undesirable. It reduces the number of PLEX transactions.

    Your conspiracy is more solid if you claim that Goonswarm is a front-end for CCP to drive overall PLEX sales. That is a more salable proposition.


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