Jita Smoulders

Despite… or maybe because of… the seeming ennui around the return of the Burn Jita event this year… Burn Jita 2 or Burn Jita 2013 or whatever… kills are mounting in Jita, the economic hub of the game.


That number corresponds with the increase in kills in the system over the last 24 hours, as recorded at DOTLAN.


That is enough to make Jita the hot spot for kills on the map of the EVE Online universe when set to view systems by kills in the last 12 hours.  The bigger and closer to red the system indicator, the more kills.  Jita’s indicator strays off into several adjacent regions.

Big orange ball around Jita

Big orange ball around Jita

However things seem pretty calm.

CCP learned from last year.  While Jita always has a lot of server horsepower running it due to its popularity, they have a population limit of 2,000 pilots set for the system currently.  So there are freighters sitting on the gates, brought there on auto pilot and now hanging out with a “Jump Prohibited” message on their screen.


So, the gate in Perimeter looked like this when I last checked.

Perimeter Gate Crowd

Perimeter Gate Crowd

And still crowded

And still crowded

Meanwhile, inside Jita, once you can get there, isn’t the chaotic mess of fights it was last year when the original Burn Jita kicked off.  The Jita 4-4 undock is under observation, but isn’t aflame.

Tornadoes on the undock

Tornadoes on the undock

Having been on voice coms for a bit, I know that things are going on.  There is a fleet present to oppose the corps that declared war in order to be able to shoot CFC targets as the showed up in Jita.  There are ships scanning freighters, and bumping them to hold them while gank fleets warp in for the kill.  But it is all being done in a calm, business like manner at this point.

Last year it was fun to just sit and watch things unfold.  This year you might have to dive in and participate in order to find the fun.

The Burn Jita event carries on through the 21st.

1 thought on “Jita Smoulders

  1. kiantremayne

    If there’s a hard population cap being imposed on Jita, then it seems to me that the Goons could really mess with people by just flooding the system with their alts all sitting around and doing nothing but taking up space. Sure, it’s not as hardcore as blowing up carebears but it would probably get bonus Goon cred for being exceptionally assholic :)


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