Quick, Somebody Go Pledge Sixty Dollars

Checking the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter tonight and the numbers were almost in sequence.

~02:10 UTC

~02:10 UTC

Somewhere, some OCD person is going nuts.

Update:  Somebody… or two somebodies… couldn’t take the pressure.

~02:25 UTC

~02:25 UTC

Now, will this perfect number kill off all future pledges?

7 thoughts on “Quick, Somebody Go Pledge Sixty Dollars

  1. Grumble Guts

    2 backers later and it was at the elusive number you were after. I even managed to grab a screenshot!


  2. silvertemplar

    I’d say the more concerning thing is the slow down. I think they might have aimed a little high here? There won’t even be any of the more fun, stretch goals going on here. Maybe $1.5mil with a $2mil stretch goal would have been more enticing, dunno.

    Also, while i pledged and hoping this succeeds (i rather see it succeed than not, to be honest), i am wondering about the target audience. I was watching through the videos from Mark and even from the introduction video i got the feeling he’s talking to a VERY specific audience. He’s not even trying to go mainstream here, but asking mainstream type of money (i.e. compared to Torment/Eternity).

    Even Shroud of Avatar has mainstream appeal, and i think Richard ran his campaign with a combination of that and nostalgia.

    I always found Mark to have alot of big and great ideas and while myself (geeky,developer etc) understand him, i genuinely think his concepts fly right over the heads of the average person (aka World of Warcraft player). So it’s a tricky thing funding it like this, he’s aiming at a small segment of MMO gamers and asking more than any of the other games i’ve seen so far (even the top kickstarters were $1mil). Granted, we all know making MMOs is extremely expensive as opposed to making single player games, so it is indeed a dilemma here.

    Either way, i hope something happens in the last 10 days, it would be sad to see this get to like $1.5 mil (already alot by itself) and fail.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @silvertempler – Yes, the trend does not look good for CU. There is a site that tracks Kickstarter Projects, so you can go look at the patterns they tend to follow. Here is the one for Shroud of the Avatar, which seems pretty typical.

    There tends to be a big rush at the start. For CU, that meant almost 600K. The second day was down some. And then things taper off for the middle part. Finally, at the end, there tends to be a surge of people getting off the fence at the last minute. The last two days can bring in as much as the first day.

    But right now, CU need to boost those middle of the project pledges or the end of campaign rush won’t be enough.

    And while I want this to succeed, there was one guy in the comments (and comments on KS are handled horribly, so I’ll never find it again) who linked to my initial post, in response to my saying that $2 million was an aggressive goal, calling me an idiot because I did not know that EVERYBODY who went to play Guild Wars 2 did so for RvR, and so all of those people would be coming to support CU.

    I want to ask that guy if all the GW2 players are just waiting for the last day.


  4. silvertemplar

    Yea, regarding that comment about GW2 and their WvWvW . I’m sure most people who bought GW2 did not even know what it was, nor do they know what it could be. This is like WoW having something like this , most players will see it is a nice addition, but they won’t be thinking how this would be an entire game on its own.

    So just like the WoW crowd, i bet the majority of the GW2 crowd is that “average”, “mainstream” player who has never heard of DAOC and probably have no idea what Mark Jacobs are trying to achieve.


  5. silvertemplar

    Oh and thanks for the tending site, that’s quite interesting to look at. If you look at something like Torment, it’s interesting to now that even though the tail end has a little spike, the bulk happened on the first day alone. So i do think that first 3 days is probably a good indication of what the “tail” will be like. Chances are good the tail will be quite a % smaller than the initial start, so i think i can make some guesses based on how much CU earned on day 1….hmmm


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