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What is in the Future for LOTRO?

Lord of the Rings Online is in the midst of its six year anniversary celebrations.

Six Years of Middle-earth

Six Years of Middle-earth

Six years ago Vanguard was sputtering along, with Brad McQuaid speaking up about all the problems as I was speculating on how they might get out of their mess. (And two of those came to pass.)  I was past level 50 in EverQuest II with a fae, the new race that came along with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. I was also playing with our brand new Wii.  And Potshot and I were becoming immersed in Lord of the Rings Online for the first time, an MMO that was getting some buzz.

Yahoo Headlines

Yahoo Headlines

The timing was about right for us, as the instance group was on something of a hiatus as Earl moved from one coast to another and set up shop in the big city.  The four of us who jumped in started what would become a recurring pattern of play in Middle-earth.

At some point, somebody would be unable to play for an extended time and the remaining four of us would roll up fresh characters on a new server.  Generally classes and such had changed enough that we really needed the fresh start to build up characters.  We would get up to about level 30 or so in the Lone Lands, and then taper off as the fifth person in the group joined back up, leaving us out of sync in Middle-earth.

And so our adventures would end, never having reached Rivendell as we headed back to Azeroth or Telara.

And even those occasional wanderings in LOTRO appear to be at an end for our group, as it has been vetoed for further play by one of the group members.  So far only LOTRO and EverQuest II are on the explicit veto list.

The group only ever made it into the end phase of the Lone Lands, while I only ever made it part way into Moria.  And that may be the furthest any of us ever get.

And while part of that is because of our past experience, another aspect is the future of LOTRO itself.

A little over five years ago there was the announcement that Turbine and Tolkien Enterprises had signed an agreement to extend the licensing for the game out to 2014.  That seemed way out in the future… but now it is next year.  And what will happen then?  There was an option on the agreement to extend the deal to 2017, but I imagine that both parties have veto power on that.  Things have changed since 2008.

Since that agreement was signed, Turbine was been acquired and folded into Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

And I am not sure how that will affect things.

On the one hand, Warner has other license agreements with Tolkien Enterprises which have lead to some lucrative and fun games, such as LEGO Lord of the Rings.

On the other hand, the Tolkien estate has also felt the need to sue Warner for misuse of the Tolkien IP.  And since Warner are no doubt be the ones doing the negotiating for LOTRO now, you have to wonder if that bad blood will color things.

It seems likely that the game is good until 2017, but all of that still makes you wonder.  Especially when Turbine suddenly decided to pull Asheron’s Call 2 out of cold storage late last year.  Is that a sign that they are worried, that they have nothing else viable in the works, or that they just have plenty of free time on their hands?

How much longer do you think we have for LOTRO?

It is like Star Wars Galaxies or The Matrix Online in that, as a licensed IP, when it ceases to be profitable… or of interest to the licensing entity… it will go away, never to be seen again.

Burn Jita Held Over for an Extended Run

Why stop the party when it is going so well?

Sure, the invite said April 19-21, but everybody is still having fun, nobody has any place better to be, and the targets keep wandering into the system, oblivious of their fate. So it looks like ganks will keep on well into the work week.

All of which has turned Jita into the most violent system in the game for the month of April according to DOTLAN.

April Stats So Far...

April Stats So Far…

More ships have blown up in Jita than any other three systems in the game so far this month.

Now, the number is so big in part because for every freighter taken down, a pile of small, expendable ships go with it. But the tally of victims so far appears to include 128 freighters, 12 jump freighters, and assorted smaller (or oblivious) targets. The estimated value of all of this destruction exceeds half a trillion ISK.

Over at The Mittani dot com, regular updates have been posted (which included a link to a forum post blaming CCP for this… it wouldn’t be Burn Jita without one) as well as a live stream of the event. The live stream became one of the featured channels on Twitch.tv for a while and had over two thousand simultaneous viewers.

Meanwhile, in Jita, the business of ganking goes on. The MiniLuv regulars, who gank jump freighters in high sec space on a regular basis, brought their experience to the CFC masses as they lead ganks.

I helped out for a while as a bumper. The bumpers keep a freighter that has been scanned and identified as a target from aligning to warp by bumping into it.

Bumping a Providence

Bumping a Providence

While that is happening, the disposable ships of the damage fleet gather and drop on the target, calmly getting into optimum range.

The damage dealers arrive

The damage dealers arrive

Then the target goes boom. CONCORD shows up, blows up all the attacking ships, and the remaining pods warp off to find a station to sit in until their criminal timer runs down, and then it all starts again.

Salvaging going on as CONCORD mills about

Salvaging going on as CONCORD mills about

CONCORD attracted to a gate

CONCORD attracted to a gate

Interestingly, CCP has opted not to put up a travel advisory banner at logon as they did last year.

click to enlarge

Last year’s warning

I wonder why. No, really, I do.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten many good screen shots, and none of actual kills yet, though it looks like I will have ongoing opportunities to do so this week. Others have posted some nice shots.

You have been warned. Jita remains hot.

Update: It looks like Monday night US TZ was about all that was left for the party.  There was a small surge in activity, and then things tapered off.

I think the fact that key participants were headed off to Iceland for FanFest probably helped curtail the event.

The normal regimen of MiniLuv ganking freighters and other targets of opportunity in high sec space continues.