Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Weighty Matters and the KV-4

I did not spend too much time tanking this past weekend, and when I did, I was focused on the KV-4.  Thanks to it being a double crew experience weekend I managed to get all of the crew, save that one lagging loader, into their second skill/perk.

On the advice of many, I went with Sixth Sense for his first perk.  I have found that perk useful when running tank destroyers and scouts, but I remain a bit dubious about how useful it will be overall with the house sized KV-4.  I think the biggest surprise with the skill is not how often I get spotted, which is always, but how often I apparently  fall out of sight only to get spotted once again.  I see that orange light bulb more often than I thought I would.

One of the things the KV-4 has done for me is allow me to be a bit more of a “tank tourist,” so to speak.  It is the first tank I have had that gets me into tier X battles.  So I have gotten to see some of the biggest tanks in the game, like the Maus.

Maus in the background

Maus in the background

Of course, being a tier VIII tank in a battle that includes three… Mauses…  Mausi…  Mäusen… whatever… and an E-100 means that my potential contributions  were somewhat limited.  I managed to bounce some shells off of the Maus on the other side… I knew it was a futile front shot, but I wanted to be able to say I have been there… but was otherwise mostly bait to distract the other team.

I also decided to spend the experience and the credits and go for the upgraded turret on the KV-4.

On the plus side, the new turret increases my view range by another 20m and beefs up the armor on the sides and rear of the turret.  All good things.

On the down side, it is even bigger than the old turret, adding nearly 9,000 kg to the weight, adding a noticeable burden on the already struggling KV-4 engine… going up those hills on the Westfield map is painful… and it has a non-functional mini-turret on top which is purportedly a weak spot that everybody and their dog knows to shoot at.

The offending mini-turret

The offending mini-turret

So I have been debating as to whether or not to stick with the upgraded turret.  Doing so will clearly mean getting the engine upgrade as well as… slow tank is very slow.

But otherwise, I am enjoying the KV-4… which is a good thing, because it is still a long way to the ST-I.  When it is the top tank in a match, it can shrug off a surprising number of hits.  I zig-zagged up to a Jagpanther in one match, bouncing his shots by staying angled while pounding him.

I just have to stay out from under the rain of artillery.  Ending up in a match with 4 SPGs on a side generally means a lot of pain if I am not very careful.

Oh, and don’t forget to change your password to pick up 300 gold.